Sunday, 24 March 2013

Norway and Witchcraft

The folks in Norway have decided that they'd like to help the folks in Malawi.  The issue to fix.  Sorcery and witchcraft.

You see....folks around Malawi still today believe in witches.  It's so bad....that some folks have proclaimed it one of the top problems of the nation.

So the folks in Norway are sending down $600k to run a three-year program.  Once I saw the number....I'm amazed. For an American program, that $600k would have been blown in six weeks.

What do you do in cases like this?  Probably posters, and public statements by political groups.  It's hard to imagine in 2013, that witchcraft is still taken seriously.

How will the witches take this matter?  I'm guessing that they will discuss the matter within their group, and perhaps end a witch or two up to Norway....testing the local population there.

The Norwegian folks will probably have a bit of fun with this....until something odd happens.  Then news will spread through the communities.  After a couple of weeks....there might be two or three percent of the Norwegian population which then believes in witchcraft.  Then the government of Norway might have to spend a couple million Euro fighting the notion of witchcraft in their own country.

Stranger things have happen, you know.