Friday, 6 September 2019

Why Isn't Bernie Ahead? 2016, it was basically a race between Bernie, Hillary, and two no-name characters.

Here in had at least six fairly well known folks, and voters have a real choice....unlike in 2016. 

So Bernie will be knocked out by the end of the 4th primary?  I'm kinda predicting that. 

My Level of Guilt

I noticed that CNN ran seven hours...of guilt TV. were introduced to the ten primary Democrats and then led through guilt pieces to convince you of something. 

Do I have any guilt over my 'immoral' use of air conditioning, air travel, meat consumption, or forty-four other bad practices?


I suspect if you did find a hundred people who watched at least an hour of the piece....the vast majority will tell you that this was some kind of propaganda broadcast, and simply not real factual. 

From the clips I reminded me of some bleak scenario that was used for the 'Hunger Games', or 'Soylent Green'. 

In fact, if this was dose you with seven hours of propaganda....I'd probably make it a month or so....before I had to go and ask for guilt-therapy from some psychological unit or hospital. 

I can imagine myself at the front-door.....telling the white-suit kid that I'm all freaked out, and using too much air-conditioning and eating too much beef.  The kid would ask some questions and then take me over to some compound.  There, I'd get wheat toast for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and three apples for dinner.  Beer?  That's out because I'd also have immoral use of beer on my mind. No AC in the compound...even on a 100-degree day?  Probably so. 

The problem I that via CNN and their method, you might have convinced two-million people of immoral behavior and guilt.  You'd show up at grandma's house for a July Sunday lunch, and trying to convince her to turn the AC off and enjoy the 100-degree temperature.

Or you might be ready to entertain Wanda....the wicked gal from the trailer across the street, and instructing Wanda that you don't want you would prefer not to use them with Wanda. 

Or you might be getting Piggly-Wiggly-guilt, and forcing yourself to only buy vegetables and fruit from some open-market in town.

Or you might be getting voter-guilt, and be thinking.....oh,'s best not to bring up voter-guilt

What kind of idiots run CNN?  The guilty types. 

Hurricane Comment

It's just something you tend to notice from the hurricane damage in the Bahamas, and really going back to Katrina in August of 2005. 

If you live at sea-level....say one to five feet above sea-level, and within a mile or two of a beach-front property.....then you are screwed when the hurricane arrives.

So it begs the question....what idiot would go and live like this, or build a house within a thousand feet of such a situation?  I just don't have any sympathy for you or your dream-home.