Sunday, 23 December 2018

The Elitist-Intellectual-PC Crowd

I sat and watched an interview this week.....a guy who'd decided that the San Francisco 'Valley' area had become too much for him, and he packed up the family and left.

His chief complaint?  He got to a point where people around him seemed to be elitist.  They had the 'magic' phrases, the agendas to discuss, the hyped-save-the-world attitude on turbo, and the need to sell you on their politics. 

So the interview turned and discussed where he went and how things fell into place there.  Basically, the guy opened up and said whatever you believed in or were interested about.....was 'cool' to the new associates (non-Californians).  These were people with regular lives, and zero interest in special political agendas.

The intellectual crowd were bound and determined to be 'right', and if you weren't going in their direction....then you were anti-intellectual (plain definition: stupid). 

If you had suggested thirty years ago that San Francisco would develop into a community like this, most people would have laughed at you.  Yet, all of the little conditions fell into place, and it's become an odd 'pit' for those who attempt to survive there.

In some way, it's become a tribal-land where the tribe is enforcing it's perception upon anyone who attempts to reside or function there.  You have to wonder where this is going to end up in twenty years.