Thursday, 5 October 2017

The Time Travel Story

I noticed this story off Fox News today.  There's this guy up in Wyoming, who appeared in Casper on Monday night looking for the cops.  Cops found him, and he wanted to let them know that Earth was going to be attacked, and that he'd come from the future (2048) to warn them of the attack.

Normally, police in Casper don't get many time-travelers.

At some point, they decided a alcohol-test was necessary for the time-traveler dude.  End-result?  .136

A fair amount of alcohol.  Course, he wasn't driving, so DWI is not possible.  Drunk and disorderly?  Well...he wasn't disorderly.  I'm guessing he'll rest out the next twenty-four hours and then get released.

What he said while in this stage....aliens are coming in 2048.  He was originally aiming for 2018, but landed in  2017 instead.

The thing about this is that thousands will read the story, and just wonder about this.  Was the guy for real?  Are there aliens invading in 2048?  Did the guy really travel through time? 

This fake as he might be....just earned himself a title for the rest of his life....the 'time traveler'.