Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Iran and World of Warcraft

Somewhere in the midst of arguing with Iran.....the US sent out a message to the World of Warcraft folks.  Basically, it's an American game of sorts, and they told the CEO that they had to deny Iranians the right to play World of Warcraft.

You can imagine the State Department sitting around, and talking up all the punishments possible to dump on Iran.....and World of Warcraft comes up.

So we are denying the Iranians a chance to ride their magical ponies, or to buy digital swords, or to fight digital warriors from Austin, Texas, or to sit by digital pools of water with friends from upstate Michigan, or to shoot unicorns.

It's come down to this.....and our best way of handling to deny them World of Warcraft?  Something is wrong.....if you ask me.