Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Impeachment: Two Charges?

Yep, just two charges.

So number one....abuse of power, and number two: obstruction of Congress.

In terms of powerful summaries?  The obstruction of Congress will be easily fought back with obstruction of the executive government by Congress.  The abuse of power?  It'll rattle around and be mostly about the Ukraine business, and if Joe Biden was the target of Trump's enthusiastic call with the 'boss' of the Ukraine. 

The necessity of Hunter and Joe Biden being called in to provide sworn testimony?  Well, that's part of the bigger problem.  Both will refuse to play along with the subpoena.  Neither will show up, and the impeachment will falter very quickly with that charge. 

Great drama?  Well, if you got the natural gas company from Ukraine to come over and talk about their board and how Hunter fits into it (for five years)....it might be curious to hear the rest of the story.

I would offer this judgement....Joe Biden's ethical standards won't clear this mess, and he's finished for the 2020 election.  It's sad to be in this mess....because of the cocaine-addicted son (Hunter).  If Joe hadn't run.....he wouldn't have come into the cross-hairs of Trump's discussions with the Ukraine.  He invited this upon himself. 

Lousy charges with marginal outcomes.