Monday, 10 July 2017

The Health Insurance Story

The AP put out a short piece today and noted that the number of non-health-insurance folks in the US.....grew by 2-million over the previous year.  We are at 11.7-percent without health insurance....compared to 10.9-percent at this point last year.

You can interpret this in forty different ways.  But I would suggest that most people have reached a point where the yearly fee....usually in the $8,000 to $12,000 range, and the deductible of $4,000 to $6,000....has reached a point where it's simply stupid to pay into the deal.  Let's face $15,000 a can almost afford to buy a bare-basic pick-up truck, or over three years....a BMW 3-series car.

If I were the Republicans....I'd do absolutely nothing.  It's obvious that they have no plan and no concept over how the program works in general.  I'd say the same about the Democrats as well.

At the pace of can figure by mid-summer 2018....the rate will be around 12.5-percent and by mid-summer 2020....around 15-percent.

As much as people have some fraudulent idea that the Affordable Healthcare Act fixed simply invented a new problem with cost being out of reach or reaching a ridiculous point.

Bergdahl Episode

I noted in minor military news this past weekend, that the Bowe Bergdahl episode has progressed to the next step.  He was the young Army guy who decided to walk out of the camp in Afghanistan, in search of a better life and was taken prisoner by the Taliban folks....held for a fair amount of time as a prisoner and then traded with a deal with the Obama Administration.  The Army has taken the view that some court-martial type offenses have occurred and the court is working up to a starting point.

So the two items that have occurred is that the military judge in charge decided that all charges that were referred to the court.....will be allowed.  There are two charges....both of which could get not just life in prison but the death penalty. The second item is that two witnesses will be allowed into the court.....both of which were members who were injured or wounded during the hunt for Bergdahl after he disappeared.  This is a bit difficult for the defense lawyers to overcome and harsh questions toward the two won't be appreciated by the jury.....all combat-veterans.

I will note....that if you go and research all of Bergdah's history....after getting removed from the Coast Guard boot-camp.....the Army should NOT have allowed him in.....he was simply not mature enough or competent enough for military duty.  Somehow, he made it through Army boot-camp and came to lose his prospective on life in Afghanistan.   I do put some of the blame on the Army for not recognizing the guy's behavior and limits.

All this said and done.....I think Bergdahl will end up with a 15-year sentence and be reduced to E-1.  They will likely credit him for the period held captive, but the rest of this....probably 13 years....will be what he owes the Army.  I will add that if he demands NCOs be on the jury (which is his right).....he's likely to get MORE time, not less, on the sentencing.  It would not be in your best interest to have NCOs on this jury.