Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Socialism Accepted?

Gallup went and did a poll....to find that 4 out of ten Americans....approve or support the ideals of socialism.

The problem with this poll....it really doesn't lay out the landscape.  If you went state by state....you'd probably find fewer than ten-percent of the folks in Mississippi or Georgia who approve of socialism.  If you went to New York City, it's probably closer to sixty-percent of adults.  In the entire state of Alaska, I doubt if you'd find more than 300 residents who support the idea of socialism.    So the poll is questionable.

Growing in rural Alabama, I would take a guess that in today's environment, in a county of 25,000 people....fewer than three-hundred might support plain basic socialism. 

The problem is that a journalist will hype this up....getting folks all pepped-up or pepped-down on socialism, and drive some new agenda. 

All of this is driving some Democrats to question themselves, and this socialism angle to politics.  You could end up pushing a quarter of the Democratic Party voters out.....looking for some third-party situation and just plain suggesting that they can't favor a socialism agenda.