Sunday, 13 May 2018

Trump's Nights

I sat and looked at Yahoo News this's become like the National Enquirer of news over the past eighteen months.  You can depend on them for good anti-Trump news.

The theme for today?  Trump's unhealthy and disturbing nights habits.  I didn't ever bother clicking, but I noticed one or two folks commenting that you had to click through ten different pages (click-bait) to get to the story itself.

True or fake news?  Hard to tell.

I've decided to contribute to the anti-Trump fake news by suggesting my own list of disturbing nightly habits for President Trump:

1.  He brought a 1964 Dodge Polara into the underground bunker under the White House and goes there to wax and buff it nightly.

2.  President Trump watches reruns of the 1966/1967/1968 seasons of Batman.....over and over.

3. He poses as a blogger from Iowa and writes passionate love blogs.

4.  He built a research lab in the basement and is working on a cure for cancer.

5.  He secretly leaves the White House and rides a Harley around Georgetown for an hour after midnight....accompanied by six Secret Service guys on Harleys as well.

6.  President Trump put in an entire wood shop, and does walnut desk units.

7.  He has a telescope on the White House roof and explores the galaxy with it.

8.  He has set up a military map display and is plotting for a major war against Germany.

9.  He plays poker against three Secret Service guys nightly, with a limit of $50.

10.  He has a ballroom dance teacher show up and he's practicing dance steps.