Thursday, 10 May 2018

Grasping the ID Discussion

Last week, I watched a video piece on YouTube which went back to the summer of 2017, and the moderator had gone to some university setting with a bunch of white students.  The question thrown at the students (all between 18 and 22)....why is voter ID such a bad idea for blacks?

The chief comeback was that blacks just don't have IDs, and even if they had potential for an ID....they don't know where to get it (yeah, there were actually two students who suggested this lack of address problem).  Then you had a student or two who suggested that blacks didn't have access to the internet. 

So the moderator left the university setting and went to downtown NY City.  The conversations then revolved around only blacks.

Of the dozen blacks interviewed on the street....from age eighteen to sixty....every single one of them grinned when asked if they had an ID, and then produced it.  Then the moderator asked if they knew where the license office was in NY City.....well, absolutely was the response.....some even giving you street number.  Access to the internet?  One lady pulled out her smart-phone and said she was 'hooked-up' twenty-four hours a day. 

So then the moderator told the blacks what the white college students had said, and the blacks just started laughing.  So the moderator asked you know of any black person....who does NOT have an ID?  No.....was the response of every single person.

Speaking over the state of home-state....with a population of 4.875-million (2017 numbers), and subtracting roughly 300,000 who are under the sixteen, you come to a general population of 4.500.000 million.  How many have a valid license or ID?  I would take a guess that it's fairly near 99-percent.  In fact, I would take a fairly decent guess that it's probably fewer than 10,000 US citizens in the entire state who might not have a license.

Most of those?  Mostly women who never learned how to drive, folks in mental institutions, and guys sitting in jail.  Toss in another 3,000 homeless guys who live under bridges throughout the state.

The problem here in explaining this to some intellectual folks is that you can't put tags on a new car without going to the county office and presenting your license.  You can't open a bank account, with an ID.  You can't buy booze without a valid ID. 

I've come to this conclusion.....what we need to do with all these college students and give them a simple 90-day test.  Convince the group to hand over all their ID's and then see how well they can function in a non-ID world.  My guess is that by the 10th day....most will admit that you can't function in 2018, without an ID.  Then they will admit their perception of blacks lacking IDs is mostly all fake or bogus.