Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Socialism Chatter

Over the past couple of weeks, some hyped-up political folks have been talking about this new 'Bernie-era' opening up and Democratic-Socialism being the new chief sales gimmick.

So, you might need to go and dust off your understanding of what socialism is about.  In general.....socialism is a open 'menu' of economic and social systems, built around public 'ownership' and public self-management of the 'menu'.

For example, if the public came to say all university degrees would be free, or that the college loans would never have to be paid back....then it'd just happen.

Rather than letting the market manage and control the economy, you'd have public groups which would eyeball the situation and have control over banks and industry. 

What generally happens at this point of the discussion....some idiot would stand up and ask who pays for everything, and the answer is industry and rich people.

Then the same guy would ask....when you've taken all the money from industry and rich people....who will come and take money from, and the answer is.....the middle-class.    At that point, the conversation usually ends because no one really believes the end-result is what people talk about.

It would be different if folks actually made their own shoes.....lived off the grid....had two cows and did their gardening....rode everywhere on a bicycle, and never threatened to take anything from neighbors or the folks over in the other valley.  For some reason, most socialist episode end up in revolution (civil unrest), and they then revert back to the combo version of mostly capitalism with a base of socialism (mostly to hand out a few free gifts). 

This Democratic effort now?  Most working Democrats won't buy into this.  So I don't see this going that far.  Maybe the college crowd are stupid enough to fall for the gimmick but eventually....when they get jobs and grasp the whole concept, that will be the end of their 'thrill'. 

Kind of a vicious circle, if you think about it.