Thursday, 20 September 2018

If Trump Doesn't Run in 2020?

While I figure the chances are still 75-percent chance that he'll run in 2020 and likely win, the scenario of him declining the opportunity and saying he's accomplished most of his goals exists.

How this scenario would work?

1.  By August of 2019, he needs to make a decision.  My guess either way.....there's going to be a minimum of five Republicans to run against him in the primary.  If he declines, he'll say so by late August 2019, and I think he's got one single person in mind to support and help win....Nikki Haley. 

2.  Haley would quickly show up in Iowa to make a few speeches and impress folks.  The Trump machine would help pick up funding, and tens of thousands of pro-Trump folks would send $100 to start this campaign. 

3.  Opposition within the GOP to her?  It'll be limited.

4.  She'll have the votes prior to the convention to wrap this up easily, and she will select New Mexico's governor....Susanna VP.  An all-woman ticket?  That's my prediction.

5.  Trump leading rallies in his 30 states of 2016?  That's the big factor....Haley can pretty much guarantee that he'll be out in front and be the chief organizer of her economic plan.  Everything on the plate today....continues on.

Sessions?  Gone and forgotten in a matter of hours after the election.  Charges out of this entire mess?  Thrown out.  People with convictions?  Given pardons by Trump.  The mess basically ends with the arrival of President Haley. 

A wild and crazy prediction?  Maybe.  But it's only if he says no....he won't run.  I still lean the other way.

Medical Story

Misjudging a step or two on the stairway in the son took a harsh stumble and ended up making a trip to the doctor this morning (12 hours after the fact).  I might have gone to the emergency room last night, but that would be me making that decision.

I commented while on this drive over....things would be different in Alabama in this case.  As a kid, in the old 'era' would have been given a fair bit of whisky to sip down, while relatives would have thrown a bale of hay into the back of some truck for you to lay on while driving to the county hospital.  Four to six hunting dogs would have ridden with you in the rear, keeping you company.

Upon arriving at county 'general' hospital....some kind-hearted nurse gal (being a Baptist) would have done a prayer for you, then smelt your breathe with the whiskey and said it was the devil's work at hand.  The doctor (WW II vet) would have looked over the x-ray and then wrapped you up in some 25-pound cast assembly.

But in this German reality? drive to some x-ray and bone guy (not the emergency room) and then sit and wait for three hours while they manage to find 12 minutes to do the x-ray and make some decision.  Sitting in the waiting area are fifteen-odd folks who all seem to be hurting bad, and you sense their suffering at double the rate of your own.

There's not going to be any nurse gal to pray over you.

At the end of the day....the Alabama method of handling this situation might have been more understanding and peaceful (mostly because of the whiskey).