Friday, 23 March 2018

CNN at the Airport?

It's come up in the last couple of days as a major various folks are peeved and fed-up with CNN being the only option at airports across the nation.

Having traveled a good bit over the past decade, I'm one of those who had to sit there and endear CNN.

In the 2008 to 2012 era....I didn't mind CNN that much although if this was a four-hour wait (like at some Raleigh Airport), then I came to some point where my patience was running out. Summer of last year, I had two hours of waiting at Nashville, and another three hours of waiting at Atlanta....where CNN was the only thing possible.  You could sense various people sitting there and in a fairly angry mode over what was coming across. 

These days, I tend to look for a seat that has no view of the TV....and find a newspaper to read over.  If they've got the sound pumped up.....I go and look for some airport person to whine about the sound. 

How many folks would prefer to see CNN gone from the airport?  No one does statistics on stuff like that.  My guess is that fifty to sixty percent would like to see it gone.  Some would like to see all TVs completely gone.  Some probably would like to see just Animal Planet type shows on the air, or some travel documentary pieces. 

In a way, it's driving some folks nuts.  It'll trigger a political conversation, and get people hyped up right before a flight....aggravated and frustrated at the absolute wrong time.  I'm surprised that some mental health freaks haven't invented a new syndrome word for CNN at the airport.