Friday, 20 October 2017

Vampire Story

Last year, I sat and watched some TV travel documentary on Malawi.  It's one of those little countries in the east-central Africa.....mostly resting against Lake Malawi, and a fair amount of woods/forests and open plain.  It reminded me of Michigan to some degree (well....without Detroit).  To be honest, after watching the hour-long show, it kinda stuck out in my mind as a place that I'd prefer not to travel into.

They chatted for about five minutes on folks there, and their humble belief in spirits and ghosts.  It would be safe to say that about 90-percent of the public believes in things like this.

I noticed that Malawi came up in the news this week.  Over the past two months.....they've had this story going around the nation of vampires.


Mobs have gotten hyped up when accusations occurred and guys were pointed out as vampires (I assume this occurred at night), and the authorities say that eight guys are dead so far...dead over vampire accusations.

The authorities have discussed this problem.  One side of the issue is that virtually everyone believes in witches and evil spirits.  So it's not that hard to convince folks in the vampire story.

The dead guys?  Well....if you just got pointed out and had bad teeth.....that might get an ass-whooping.

So the government has gotten involved and are discussing public media and advertising. How it would work?  Anyone's guess. 

We've been fortunate so far in America....with all the anti-Trump one has suggested vampire stuff going on and the need to get worried about a new Trump threat of biting folks.

The Shakespeare Story

I noticed out of the Brit Independent (a decent newspaper), that they had a article written up over Oxford University.  The topic?  Well....professors are now having to put up a 'trigger-warning' moment when they do Shakespeare plays....because kids can't handle the content of the literature.

Naturally, the question would eventually come up....are the intellectuals now having to protect young minds from not only radica ideas, but even fictional ideas?  Is Shakespeare traumatic? 

All of this makes me wonder about how much sensitivity has been branded and assembled into kids today who are between 16 and 21 years old.  What happen in this period of 2008 to 2017?  Is it more than just a US thing, and now part of the European mentality as well?

If you get to censoring Shakespeare plays or branding them as potentially harmful....where do you go with this type of protection?

The behavior here, if you missed the that of 12-year-old kids.  Children who never grew up, and you are expecting some magical change in character, with them becoming leaders in the next thirty years.  It's hard to imagine them as CEOs or authority figures.