Monday, 30 July 2018

Trump Anxiety Disorder?

I was sitting this morning and reading through a piece which talked about 'Trump Anxiety Disorder'.

This idea (hard to describe as a true medical condition....came from an essay written by psychologist Jennifer Panning.  The suffering here?  You come to a point of "feeling a loss of control and helplessness, and fretting about what's happening in the country and spending excessive time on social media."

The psychologists aren't saying how many folks they are treating, and my humble guess is that it's into the 300,000 (a fair number might be university students).

After hearing the whole chatter....I asked the would you handle this as a psychologist talking to some poor guy in a bad-off way?'d have to ask them to give up social media for sixty days (my feeling).  News?  Probably limit the guy to just local news  for the same period. 

As for Trump?  You'd go and talk to the guy every two weeks....suggesting that maybe a group setting would be better for them.  So you can imagine this group meeting.....ten folks with some moderator....kinda like a alcohol rehab group....meeting every Thursday night to talk about their Trump feelings.  A fair number of these would be women, in their forties....single.

Somewhere in the mix of ten folks....there'd be one Trump-guy....mostly pretending that he has issues....just to hang out and chat with single gals. 

The problem I see with the mental health issue is that Trump might be around through 2024, and that's a fair bit of time to be in some rehab group. 

But the other issue that bothers me.....are people really that fragile?  If you had suggested something like this back in 2000 or 2004....folks would have laughed.  Yet here we are.....fragile Americans in need to special help.

Oddly, what the mental health guys say is that this is just a mental's not causing folks to drink whiskey or take least not yet.  Personally, I think if they just went off to North Korea for two weeks, they'd get all this disorder stuff out of their head and think of other things to worry about. 

Mueller and Trump: 2011

It rarely ever gets brought up, but back in 2011....Mr Mueller had this problem with Mr Trump.

Mueller, at that time....was acting director of the FBI.  He came up and joined a private golf club in Sterling, VA....owned by Trump.

Initial fee?'s in the range of $100k.  Monthly costs?  $695 a month.  I know, it's hefty, but it's a private club and big-shots tend to show up.

If you were golfing every weekend, it'd probably be worth the money suggested.

In 2011, Mueller came to quit the club.  There's never been any real explanation over this.  What Mueller wanted was part of his initial fee back.  No one says how much (if any) of it that he got back. 

But you start to think over this.  As the acting director, he was making $175,000 at the time.  How did he afford the initial fee?  One might assume that he had enough pocket money to make this happen.  But if you go and figure the $695 monthly fee, and food/drinks for a Saturday out....he was likely spending $10,000 a year on his 'hobby'.....that's before we even get to the 'right' clothing or the 'right' equipment. 

Is this golf episode something that might come up in any court case?  Well....that's the thing, you just don't know how the returned fee business went, and if sour-apples might exist with Mueller.