Friday, 6 December 2019

Trump Impeachment II, III and IV?

Late Thursday, a comment came from a Democrat who said that even if Trump impeachment I fails....this will only lead to II, III and possibly more. 

I sat and pondered over this.

In general, this impeachment episode will be handled to the Senate around Christmas week (assuming it passes the House with 218 votes).  The Seante won't pick up the impeachment until 6 or 7 January.  You can figure that within 30 will end, and likely be voted 'down'.

So the odds of a second impeachment coming up?  Presently, I'd say it's near a 99-percent chance. 

But here's the big problem lingering.  The news media will have burnt every single bit of enthusiasm to get the public all pepped up, and once that January episode ends, the public enthusiasm will drop like a rock. 

So getting into March, with new evidence?  More than likely.  So more hearings in the House will occur, and by May....I would anticipate a new series of charges to be done by the House. 

The Senate?  They will take this....spend two weeks on this....with half as much interest by the general public, and vote it down.

So by August, another impeachment hearing period will start, and run through the same results....with impeachment handed to the Senate by late November (after the election). 

Results achieved by the Democratic House members over a 2-year period?  Mostly nothing, and this will be long discussed by the public.   Some might even go and suggest that we need two doing strictly impeachment around the clock, and the other doing business related to the nation and the public.

At some point, a Fox news reporter will rename the Democratic Party to the Impeachment Party, and this will be laughed about for weeks. 

The saving 'grace'?  Well, assuming Trump and heavy House numbers go to the Republicans in all ends in early January, and the nation can finally go back to work. 

As for the news media and trust?  I would suggest that the networks will be tired of the message and confirming a lack of trust among the general public.  Sad times.....if you think about everything talked about. 

That Pelosi Moment

House Speaker Pelosi had finished up her comments late yesterday, and then started to proceed to walk off the stage....when this reporter asked if she 'hated' Trump. 

She's almost off the stage....maybe two more steps and she's clear and done.

But this hate-question draws her back....oddly enough.

Blood pressure up?  Yeah....way up.  She turns and points to this guy (front row) and she's doing a lot of finger-pointing at him.  Eyes twitching?  Well....yeah, this is another odd part of this 90-second tirade.

There's at least a dozen 'hand-signals' involved, and direct eye-to-eye contact.  At the 30-second point, she's maneuvered herself back to the podium to start another comment or two on the President.

There at the podium, she then delivers another dozen-odd hand-signals.  Eyes still twitching.

Medicated?  My humble opinion is that she is on some type of medication and this 90-second situation was just the stress and medication acting together.