Sunday, 12 May 2019

If This Were a Trump versus Buttigeig Contest

Just six observations of mine over this scenario:

1. Buttigeig isn't a Bill Clinton, John F Kennedy, or for that matter Joe Biden. Buttigeig is Buttigeig. He's a young mayor from Indiana who is about a dozen years ahead of his time.

2. Resume-wise, he's got four lines of material and can basically build a 3x5 inch card. That's just not a brilliant way to explain this to the general public.

3. As much as being gay might help him for some numbers, the bulk of older Democratic voters who are happy with the economy.....probably would question the idea of voting for a 'Mayor-Pete' character.

4. The magic of the unknown Obama figure working again? Basically, you'd need all of the news media apparatus to work as it did in 2008 and 2012. Then you'd have to count on the general public not asking stupid questions, or trying to relate this election to a great economy.

5. If Trump were to use the phrase 'the kid' in terms of talking about Mayor-Pete? Well, that's something that could occur twenty times in a debate and develop into a public view being exactly that.

6. Finally, there's this gimmick of New York City Trump and South Bend Buttigeig. Maybe if he'd worked as a life guard as a kid, delivered newspapers to pay for his first year college, and spent a year off in Africa in the Peace Corps.....he'd have some magic for the votes. But I just see this guy being that much better than Joe Biden.