Friday, 27 September 2019

'Gone Rogue'

It's an expression that most people have never heard used....except on TV news or in some Rambo movie.

So I'll define 'gone rogue' for you.

It's like some farmer who has been told that normal farming is X, Y and Z....but you show up one day and they got a book on Japanese farming techniques, and various neighbors are stopping to remark that 'Walter has gone rogue'.  It means he's not following tradition, normal rules, established procedures, or public doctrine. 

It'd be like you buying and sipping corn whiskey all your life, and one day....the neighbor shows up and you've gone and mixed the moonshine with strawberry syrup, and put a cherry into the glass....doing 'gone moonshine rogue'.

Or it'd be like you being a single guy all your life....up to age 60....suddenly getting into a relationship with the Dairy Dip gal (Wendy, age 18). 

Or it'd be like you smoking unfiltered cigarettes for forty years, and just stopping all the sudden one day.

Or it'd be like you to attend a local Methodist Church each week for twenty-five years, and join up with some South Korean Baptist group.

Or it'd be like you to wear Red Wing boots to work daily, then suddenly you start wearing Italian-made sandals to work each day. 

It's not that 'gone rogue' is's just a sign that maybe you lost your way, or got knocked in the head. 

The Necessity of Nancy Pelosi's Health for the Next 75 Days

Basically, it's a fairly stressful period for the House Speaker for the next 75 days.  If at any point, she has a stroke or heart attack.....the whole impeachment process goes into a tail-spin, and the Democrats in the House would have to go and find the replacement Speaker. 

Questions would come up and you'd have to wonder....can Nancy come back?  Is she out for six weeks?  Who could do a stand-in job?  Could the Democrats come to agree on someone that easily? 

So I think the Speaker is under a fair amount of pressure and stress.  If you wanted to make this whole impeachment process into a bigger mess than what it is....having Pelosi wheeled out of the Hall from a sudden stroke would be it.