Sunday, 1 March 2020

What Is a Hive-Mind Cult?

The best description is to up up the Star Trek episodes and observe the Borg guys/gals, and how they feel comfort  within their thinking alike and feeling safe in their complete community.  They don't want to challenge the tide, or reason through a decision, or suggest alternate versions of the path ahead.

In our present society, I would go and suggest that roughly 20-percent of people have gone to this state of mind.  Some, I admit....exist on the extreme right-side of life.  A fair number exist on the extreme left-side of life.

You can find certain religious people who've gone the extreme to indoctrinate their kids that they need to live within the religious 'zone' feel safe.

You can find certain environmentally conscious people who've done the same gimmick, and hype their kids to within the environmental 'zone' feel safe.

You can find sexually aware people who've found the fellowship 'zone', and used various feel safe.  Some of the gimmicks involve intimidation, shunning, and social media make their point.

So, has this hive-mind cult thing hit maximum altitude?  I would suggest that.

Part of this max hype goes to Eric Hoffer's 1950s book 'True Believer'.  Hoffer went through a long introduction....talking about various groups in history who'd bluffed their way to some maximum degree with the public, and then found the public asking questions or shifting their focus back to another agenda. 

With the hive-mind cults.....they done the same thing, and now face people asking stupid questions.