Friday, 15 May 2020

The Ten Problems With Obamagate

1.  Amusingly enough, it's not a conspiracy.  Too many factual actions, and the paper trail is enough to convict a guy in court.

2.  Once you lay out the landscape, it's like a Southpark episode where 5th-grade kids have devised some plan to bring down the city, and they leave forty clues to figure out their devious plan.

3.  The entire plan is built the idea that no top twenty news platform (except Fox News) will talk about it....for literally months. 

4.  Burisma and Hunter Biden are not part of Obamagate.  Somehow....even with the Chinese 1.5 billion dollar attachment to Hunter's still not part of the overall scheme.

5.  Oddly enough, Hillary Clinton is not part of the 'plan'.  Well....she did pay for the pee dossier, but it's not really connected to the Obamagate situation.

6.  All of the parties to Obamagate hold university degrees, and some are actually lawyers (with status).  Ethic violations?  Literally by the hundreds.

7.  The amount of 'hatred' here for Flynn?  Whoever led this whole episode....has the maturity level of a nine-year-old kid. 

8.  In most countries, this would be handed to a federal judge, and the word 'treason' would be spoken almost daily by news journalists.

9.  To have twenty-odd White House figures pretending to be 'Jack Ryan' intelligence agents as their part-time a joke.

10.  When you add up the entire mess.....with Joe Biden standing there in a dementia-state, declining trust in the news system, and no real explanation why they had to commit to a marginal destabilization of have to wonder where these people came from. 

I leave you with this.  Somewhere around 2022 timeframe, someone is going to write the script to this as a movie, and it's going to sound so outrageous....that it has to be false, but page by page....the entire movie will be true to the facts. 

Simply Observations

1.  How many never-Trumpers are there from the Republican side?

This is more or less a unicorn question.  That means that the number is a fantasy for the most part.

In terms of journalists, there might be around 100 individuals who used to say that they were right-leaning, and get bent-out-of-shape over the Trump administration.  It's their right to be that way.  But it's the same right that we have to mute TV news, or avoid reading crappy newspaper articles.

2.  VP Joe asking for unmasking, true or false?

True....but here's this one odd factor.  He more or less asks for the unmasking in the last seven days of the Obama presidency.  You go down the list, and he's absolutely the very last guy.....asking for a unmasking.

Now?  He says that he never did any unmasking.  My humble guess is that he was a loose-password person, and some dimwit from his staff....did the unmasking request.

3.  What of this poll on blaming Trump for job losses?

Polls are generally worthless.  But what this comes to suggest is that when regular Americans sat down and did the review....the majority said either Trump had zero blame, or some blame (near 57-percent).  Oddly, 11-percent even said they weren't sure about anything.

That group....the 11-percent....might be the ones to really sit down and ask questions.

The 14-percent 'all-blame' group?  Well....mostly democrats. 

In general, if you look around the globe.....most all markets and job 'machines' are in a stagnant position.  People need something to blame. 

4.  In an average 12-minute many screw-ups will Joe Biden accomplish?

This is a difficult thing to measure.  First, Joe will typically confuse numbers to a great extent....transposing quantity 'A' with quantity 'B'....probably three times in an average interview. 

The same thing occurs with abbrevated terms, where he transposes phrases. 

Then you have the sentence starting on topic 'A'....halting midway through it....going to a separate answer, then reverting back to topic 'A' at the end of the minute-long dialog. 

Can you imagine the State-of-the-Union speech....for 90 minutes, by Joe Biden?

5.  Is Senator Burr in trouble? 

Here's the problem....he gets really nifty classified data, and it indicates that the stock market will do a dramatic drop.  So he sells....way ahead of things.

It's called insider-trading.

Real people can get up to 20 years and a 5-million-dollar fine for insider trading.  Most people will sit and admit their stupidity....offer up serious fine money, and try to get a suspended jail sentence.  Prosecutors usually come back and demand a minimum of a year in jail....just to get this accomplishment on their record and lessen man-hours. 

In the Burr situation.....I doubt if he's still a Senator at the end of 2020.  His period would end in 2022.  My guess is that he'll stay around until after the 2020 election, then give notice to leave, and a temp will be selected from the state.

6.  What about all this state-by-state control over business operations and shut-downs?

If you are unhappy about it....leave the state.  So far, they haven't eliminated that right (yet).

7.  Was the Obama administration basically running their own intelligence organization?

Well....yes.  O-I-A (Obama Intelligence Agency). 

A whole bunch of secret wannabe agents (mostly forty-odd people around the President) where conducting intelligence operations.  Sadly, few (if any) of them had the qualifications for the job.

And if you were looking for actual accomplishments to write them up for a medal (typically what Air Force bosses do around around the clock).....this would be a dismal mess to find medal achievements for the paperwork.

8.  Who are the best judges of risk calculations?

On the least capable side....politicians, Tiger-King, gator-hunters, Wall Street investors, and slutty women.  Somewhere in the middle....firemen, transmission mechanics, TV weathermen, and TV ministers.  Then at the extreme side: farmers, airline pilots, and NCAA football coaches.

Note, this is my list.

9.  Whats the odds of the homelessness issue in LA expanding rapidly and doubling over the next twelve months?

This is one of those odd scenarios where the job situation, lack of financial stability, and political chatter....will trigger a bigger problem to occur.  If you were looking for a major mess in Southern California for spring of 2021....this is it. 

With the doubling effect, I could easily see 150,000 folks in the city....making the decision to leave by the end of 2021.  In the 1930s....they had names for the Oklahoma folks who left in the depression era....which I expect someone to invent a term for the California folks who leave in this new era. 

How This Judge Sullivan/General Flynn Episode Might Go

Since Judge Emmet Sullivan started a new chapter in the case, and is going to appoint some 1970s era former Watergate assistant prosecutor to the federal position of prosecuting Flynn....there's some curious things to wonder about.

I sat and thought about this scenario, and one serious factor stood out.  This new 'fake' prosecutor (that the judge selects).....was likely around 27 years old in 1973.  So today?  Just estimating on this...but the dude has to be nearing 72 to 74 years old.

So you throw this guy up.....early 70s, whose claim to fame is Watergate, and probably the opening five minutes and closing five minutes will be some dramatic chatter on Watergate, and he (with others) helped to take down the 'evil' Nixon empire and restore democracy to America.

The problem here, if Judge Sullivan allows the defense to conduct it's new defense....they are going to lay in on FBI and DoJ corruption, hoax Russian accusations, etc.  In essence, they will show that the new 'evil' Nixon the Obama administration.

The judge may attempt to prevent that discussion, but it will only serve as fodder for the Supreme Court to throw out the whole thing for incompetent behavior by the judge.  It merely delays the whole case for a year. 

There's this magnificent scene in 'Inherit The Wind' (the movie over the 1925 Scopes Monkey episode in Tennessee)....where Spencer Tracy plays lawyer Henry Drummond and Fredric March plays an old associate/rival Matthew Harrison).  In real life, this was Clarence Darrow versus William Jennings Bryan. 

The case (in true value) is warped, and heavily against the teacher (Scopes) anyway.  But Darrow shows up to be the defense and to take on the Bryan, who was probably ten years beyond his 'best'. 

In this dramatic piece....Spence Tracey delivers one of his greatest performances, and knocks the character of Bryan down several times.  The court still went against the teacher in the end, but the argument and energy went in favor of Darrow.  Roughly a week after this episode concludes....William Jennings Bryan will pass away.  I would suggest that the period of preparation, and eleven days of court activity.....probably aged Bryan a good ten years. 

I see this element likely occurring with the Sullivan 'circus' case, and the old Watergate lawyer falling from grace (like Bryan). 

As movies go, 'Inherit The Wind' is one of those dozen-odd movies that you ought to watch and be impressed with the art of debate.  If you ask me.....Sullivan may not have done a lot of thinking over what happens next.