Saturday, 9 March 2019

Bombshelling Me Out

Since November 2016, I've heard or read the word 'bombshell' used at least 3,000 times.  Frankly, I've reached the point that I'm all 'bombshelled-out'.

Folks that work at CNN, Huff-Post and NY Times?  There must be some journalistic guideline where you have to insert 'bombshell' into every single piece that you write or cover.

What'd She Mean?

".....I think she has a different experience in the use of words...."
-- Nancy Pelosi

In trying to explain Ilhan Omar's commentary, Nancy put out the quote.

It'd be like me saying 'I'm thirsty', and you believe that I meant that I need a beer awful bad.

Or, it could be me saying....'That dog sure is funny', and you interpreting it to mean that I'm talking about some guy's wife.

Or, it could be me saying....'I need some salt and pepper for my beans', and you interpreting it to mean that it's awful bland and taste marginal. 

Or, it could be my brother saying....'It might be sprinkling this afternoon', and me interpreting it to mean a possible tornado alert. 

Or, it could be Nancy Pelosi saying....'We need to pass this bill, to find out what's in it.'  Then I interpret it to mean that she's not read a single page of the bill, but doesn't worry if it's awful screwed up.

To be honest, if this is the path to's probably not the road that you'd prefer to take.