Monday, 2 March 2020

More Deaths Than the Coronavirus

As of today (2 March), 52 people have been murdered within the city limits of Maryland for 2020.  Police stat's.

Total dead from Coronavirus, from bulk of Asia (not China) and all of Europe....since 1 January (to 2 March) 55.  WHO stat's.

What exactly should you worry about more in Baltimore?  Murder, not Coronavirus.

Then Poof, Mayor Pete Was Gone

It was just a sudden thing.....there was Mayor Pete for literally a year....all hyped up and ready to move up from Mayor to President.  Then suddenly, like a lightning bolt, he was gone.

Or maybe the question should be....was he ever really there? 

To be honest, Mayor Pete had a brand that wasn't really captivating to 90-percent of Democrats.  He had a weak resume.  He wasn't that highly regarded in South Bend.  Most blacks didn't have anything great to say over the guy.  And it seemed like his chief purpose was to be the first gay President (too late for that....Buchanan was the first).

He did do time as a military reservist.....although folks figured out that he skipped officer training, and maybe his whole story was 'weak'.

My guess is that Mayor Pete will end up on MSNBC or the fall period, and stick around for four years as some special analyst, then try to emerge in 2024 again. Course, he might run for Senator, and end up as Senator Pete instead.

My Advice on Swine Flu From a Decade Ago (Still Good Today)

Back in the spring period of the midst of Swine Flu being "HOT", I wrote this blog (remember, I typically write for Alabama folks):

What should a Bamaite do in the midst of Swine Flu? This is a curious question. Since we are the likely ones to sit and ponder....lets not waste any time on this effort.

First, if you were a Baptist church goer....drop it. You should stay home and avoid crowds who might give you the flu. Watch Godzilla furniture....or maybe even do that oil change that you've been talking about with the tractor. It wouldn't hurt to read a paragraph from the Bible like every other week....just to stay tuned into the Baptist theme. Plus you can pretend not to drink.

Second....lay in a supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon least twelve pallets. Tell the Sam's Club guy that things might get a bit serious and you want the pallets ASAP. Hide them under a tarp out back and ensure that few neighbors know about this.

Third....avoid relatives...especially the stupid ones or the ones in trouble with the law. This flu thing works out in your favor. You can even make up stories that you are sick when you aren't.

Fourth....get in a major supply of catfish, frozen ribs, and fried chicken. Expect to bar-b-q alot during this period. 

Fifth....get in a supply of "Quarantine" signs. My suggestion is to use them on your neighbors....after the sun goes down. Put it up and then in the morning....see how they react. Act curious as you approach the sign and then keep asking how long they've been sick. When they deny they are sick....tell them that you heard that some medical folks from Auburn were around and think they quarantined a number of homes but you suspect its because they were identifying anti-Auburn football freaks. Then leave in a hurry.

Sixth.....whenever around Democrats...tell them you heard over Fox News that Democrats are more likely than Republicans to get the flu...something about sanitary practices. When they ask which show....tell it was O'Reilly. That'll get them to pinging.

Seventh.....while it is customary to shake hands as a southerner.....this might cause you to get the flu passed onto you. Always carry a small can of diesel around with you to wash with. If you start to have skin rashes....switch over to WD-40 and just spray it on.

Eight.....don't pass around or drink from the same whiskey bottle with anyone else under any circumstances.

Ninth....even if that neighbor gal is giving 5-star indications that she is free from her boyfriend, wearing a tube top, sipping whiskey from the bottle, and rather just might not be the right time to get friendly with folks. But get a rain-check and tell her that you might be free in a month or two.

Ten....lay in a supply of cheap books on WW II, old-fashioned farming, how-to-make-whiskey and septic tank repair. You might be spending a fair amount of time at home.

What You Ought to See via the Coronavirus 'Fog'

1.  Based on the medical guys chatter....85-percent of folks affected will get what is a regular 'hard-flu' (seven day type), with 102 temperature for 2-to-3 days, coughs, and lack of appetite.  The 15-percent group will get serious flu conditions and are under a threat (mostly smokers, have a secondary problem already, or are over the age of 65).  Both groups however....are carriers and will pass the flu potential along....some even before they show symptoms.

2.  The bad nature at Wuhan?  Remember, they are a mega city at 11-million.  They had a total of 67,000 people (WHO stats) who got the virus, and of that number.....2761 deaths.   It's a fair number of dead.  But going back into December, they had no idea what it was....except people were having serious pneumonia-like symptoms. 

3.  From the 3736 folks in South Korea affected....18 have died at this point (1 March).  From the 239 folks in Japan affected....only 5 have died at this point.  It would appear that lesser numbers of dead for westernized nations.  Part of this might go to less air-polluted countries compared to China, or differing ways of handling what is basically pneumonia-like problems.

4.  The Ebola situation around five years ago scared the crap out of people.....yet it eventually fell under control.  MERs was the same way.

5.  An Israeli company says it's within a couple of weeks of wrapping up their vaccine. IF true?  They'd start production by May, and vaccine delivery would b accomplished by November. 

6.  The worst possible place in the US to be with this?  SF, LA, Seattle, and Portland.  With homeless people already crapping on the streets in this cities, this will pass through the system rather quickly and infection rates will shock even the experts.

7.  If you want to avoid it?  Pack yourself away in a house for the next six months, and avoid human contact. 

8.  There is zero need to put all infected folks into some massive compound run by the National Guard or some idiot federal administrator, you'd just make this ten times worse.  Send the infected guy home and put them on a quarantine (with their family). 

9.  Attempting to spend billions?  On what?  Unless you intended to make luxury compounds for the elite of the nation who fall sick.....there is no need to get wasteful.

10.  Use good sanitation habits....wash your hands on a frequent basis, avoid sick people, and use alcohol wipes a good bit.