Sunday, 3 March 2019

Just the Next Investigation

It was laid out over the weekend, that Congress will investigate Donald Trump over three visits to Russia....the first going back to 1996.  The trips?  All three revolved around resort projects under, golf, etc. Congress wants to know the full extent of Trump's visits, who he met in 1996, and what may have been 'promised'.

I sat and pondered over this.  The truth in the end may be that young Donald Trump....around age sixteen, was enticed by Russian agents in the US who promised to aid in 2016.  All of this may have started in 1962, shortly before Kennedy's assassination.

Yes, the Russians guiding and helping Trump, from 1962 to become President of the United States.

How silly does it sound?  To the max.

Having Congress now open up some investigation in an era when Joe Biden was in his early 50s? 

The problem here is that some Democrats will start looking at the 'reach' of this and just start laughing.  Virtually every single candidate will have to be asked if they ever met a Russian in their life, and how they conducted business with them.  No one is going to take politics serious if this trend continues. 

The Fake Ping?

One of the odd things brought up this past week in the Cohen 'chat' in Congress....was the continued denial that he was in Prague in the summer of 2016.   Blunt answer, he says no....he just never was there.

So, what drives the accusation?  Well....some Eastern European spy agency (probably the Czechs, but it might be even the Germans)....says (no one from the CIA or former Obama group says who, which is curious to me).....that Michael Cohen’s cell phone pinged off a local cell phone towers in Prague.  No one says for a day or two.  In fact, the story only suggests that a conversation occurred between Cohen (the holder of the number) and some Russian guy. 

The rest of this story?  The phone call was a moment where Cohen chatted with Russians (one assumes in a Russian English accent situation).  Cohen doesn't speak Russian.

The topic mentioned from this spy agency?  Cohen and the Russians supposedly discussed how to hide the campaign’s close relationship with the Russian government.

As the story goes....this secret chatter (in either text form, or tape form) rests with Robert Mueller.

If all true....why do this Prague?  Cohen could have easily picked any western European city (London, Paris, or Munich).  Why not meet the sources in person in Prague?  A face-to-face between Cohen and the Russians?  But no.....Cohen flew all that way to conduct one single phonecall? 

Curiously, if this were a taped would think that it'd be analyzed by FBI experts and just confirm the voice of Cohen.  Yet oddly, no one says that.  The Russian angle to this?  You'd think that the ones on the Russian end would be checked out.....yet no one says that.

If you fly into Prague International (from the US), you have to have a stamp in your passport.  If you flew from the US into Germany, and later onto Prague (the normal route)'d have the German stamp....but there is no stamp for Europe in that time period (Trump himself reviewed the passport back when this got brought up).

So what happened?  I suspect that someone in the US took some time to figure out Cohen's cellphone number....copy it, and then send some guy on a quick trip with the fake phone to arrange a fake call, which would be picked up.  In fact, the more you look at how this story is told....people go to a great length to avoid suggesting what part of Prague (it's a fairly big town) where the 'ping' was picked up.  There's probably more than a thousand towers within Prague, if you just suggested the could assess and identify the hotel that he stayed in.  But no.....they can't go and suggest that tower's location.  To this hotel information has been demonstrated as part of the story. 

So this 'fixer' situation was planned out already in the summer of 2016?  Yes, and I would go to suggest that most of the Obama-team players already knew in advance that Hillary couldn't win the Electoral College, and this was a foregone conclusion in their mind that they needed to 'seed' legal matters to take Trump or the Trump-team down.

Screwed up?  Once you establish that this was a false phone story, and planted....then the rest of this whole Mueller topic is mostly open to additional speculation. 

The Next Executive Order

At some point in Star Wars Episode VI (really number three, but let's not get into mixed-up ways of telling a saga), General Akbar utters the line "It's a trap" to the Jedi military staff, and then all hell breaks out.  You could have predicted the trap angle five minutes prior in the movie, but it had to climax in some way with Akbar's brilliant moment of deduction.

I sat and watched the 2-hour speech by President Trump from yesterday, and there was the moment where he's talking over issuing an executive order.....that would be laid upon public colleges (not the private ones) to actively support freedom of speech....or face consequences.  At that moment, I uttered in my mind: "Its a trap".

Yes, it's the most brilliant trap ever devised by President Trump.

First, it's basically guaranteed anyway....via the Constitution.  But a number of anti-Trump folks are going to get ballistic, and go anti-free speech.....getting the general public in red-states to get further annoyed by the negative chatter.  Imagine Senators having to stand there, and suggest that freedom of speech is guaranteed, yet you must fight it. 

Second, on every occasion that anyone is affected by the failure of freedom of speech on a public campus.....the President can turn to the AG and ask for a full-scale investigation.  Punishment?  They could drag you into a court, and it gets fairly messy with the Chancellor having to explain to some judge why he can't allow freedom of speech.  But it gets even more interesting.....the federal guys could deny research funding into science and technology projects that the university might be highly attached to.  Imagine four science professors showing up at your door, and angry over a twenty-million-dollar project now stalled because of speech issues and the feds withholding funding.

Third, imagine CNN trying to explain the good things about banning or holding back freedom of speech.

Fourth, more security?  Well, if you were a California campus, and realizing the'd have to go and hire up at least sixty additional campus cops, and add an additional 25-million onto the operational cost of providing adequate security for the college.  Yes, within a year or two, you'd have to bump the tuition up ten-percent....just because of security.

Fifth, more court fines?  Well, a California campus....imagine having listen to some federal judge lecture about being at fault, and assessing a $10-million dollar fine for allowing four punks on your campus (maybe not even students there), and them beating up on some freshman student.  Just two or three of those per year, and you'd be talking about another 10-percent rise in tuition. 

Yes, Trump has rigged up a five-star trap, and basically letting the university crowd know that their cash flow system is about to be marginalized.  Imagine five more years of Trump and this freedom of speech angle, with a behavioral problem that has to be repaired by the campus intellectuals.