Friday, 21 June 2019

All This UFO Chatter

If you go and read through the news of the last couple of months, there's been a fair amount of talk by actual government folks (military included) on UFO situations.  Basically, in a short amount of time.....we'd come to the point where real people are suggesting in open talks....the strong possibility of UFOs.

My take?

I have zero doubt that ancient visitations occurred, and there's enough evidence laying around to suggest massive technology/knowledge existed (way over 12,000 years ago), and then via a catastrophic event or two (maybe dozens).....knowledge just disappeared. 

Face it....if you had a society who was 500,000 years more advanced than the Earth, or even 1,000 years more advanced....why bother announcing yourself?  You'd come to observe, take notes, and take a report back to your boss.  You wouldn't come down and try to be part of our culture or society.

Out there on some ship hovering over Alabama is probably a ship with twelve 'visitors' who watch Channel 19 morning news.....collect bar-b-q and taste-compare....observing the daily lifestyle of Judge Moore and former Governor Bentley....gather pecan pie recipes....and monitor cars parked at Baptist revivals.  They put up a 20,000 page daily report to their boss back on Zong, about regular folks and their behavior.  Occasionally, they might come down....enter into a bar....engage in conversation with trailer-trash women....discuss the NCAA upcoming season and the chances of Auburn being number one....and grapple with the MAGA expression and what it really means.

All of this coming to a point of worrying folks?  No.  That's the amazing part of the story.  Folks have been 'faked' enough.....that they believe it's all a joke. 

Ten Things I Expect by 2030

1.  Around half the people in California will be averaging 20 hours of black-out activity on a routine basis.  Neither the government or the grid-people will be able to explain who is to blame.  About a quarter of all California houses will have a gas-powered back-up generator set up and prepared to run.

2.  Black reparations will lead down a trail where $20,000 will be the assigned portion to hand out.  Massive anger will occur as some thought the amount would be in the $100,000 range per adult.  In exchange for the handout, the Republicans will shift low-income neighborhood money downward, and refuse to hand out inner-city money for projects.  That was the only way to pay for the reparation.  Over sixty-percent of those who receive the $20k check.....will have spent the money in ten days or less.

3.  Stormy Daniels will briefly run a club in Vegas called the Trump-Club.  It will close after six months because of a lack of clients.  Toward the last week or two of operation, guys in MAGA and KAG caps began to show up and start fights with non-MAGA hat wearers. 

4.  One state will spend time analyzing the voter lists, and find at least a thousand college students in their state who paying out-of-state tuition....listed on the state voter listing.  In order to quickly close the issue....the governor will offer a choice: (1) pack up and leave the university/state immediately, or (2) pay a $10,000 fine to the state.

5.  The NFL will come to admit that the Kaepernick business has ruined the business model, that ten clubs are now marginally profitable, and that merchandise (jackets, shirts, etc) profits are way down.  A discussion will start up to pay off six club owners and retire their teams.

6.  By mid-2020, CNN will admit that they can no longer use their business model to finance the network (because of decreasing viewers).  Google will step in and spend two years evaluating a Google-CNN relationship.....then eventually simply purchase them instead. GCNN will be the new term used.  Amazingly enough, the ratings don't change.

7.  Ten-percent of California businesses that exist today....will vacate and leave by 2030.  A lot of the blame will go toward property and income tax issues.  Other issues will include lack of affordable housing. 

8.  A US government and private foundation commission will come to agree that alien visitation is taking place on Earth, and that it's possible that over 10,000 beings on Earth....are not originally born here. 

9.  An effort by New York state to hand out driver's licenses to illegal aliens in the US will backfire as more than 10,000 non-New York American citizens quietly arrive, pretend to be illegally in the country and get a license by a totally false name.  These licenses will float around the US for an entire decade, and the state will be ridiculed for the mess it's created. 

10.  Some comedian will come up and announce his candidacy for the 2024 election as an independent.  He'll joke about this and actually get on the ballot in ten states.  The shock will be that he wins seven of these states and through this odd situation, the Electoral College is unable to proclaim either the Republican or Democrat.  It'll go to the House to determine the winner, where eight states are tied in representation, so they have no value in voting.   The same comedian will run in 2028, in all fifty states, and win 26 states....with just enough Electoral Votes to become President.