Tuesday, 17 July 2018

How the Mueller Business May Fail

You have twelve Russians accused of hacking into campaign servers....all related to the Democrats.  Indictments?  On paper, and passed by some Grand Jury....stamped by a judge.  Without a extradition treaty?  None of this can go forward, and the Mueller-team can be happy that they've cornered team-Trump.

Well.  What if President Trump returned from Finland, and appointed an outsider to his office to write an extradition treaty with the Russians?  He would bypass the Justice Department and the State Department.  In fact, it could be finished in less than a month without the two groups involved. 

So the guy would go and copy.....word for word....the exact same treaty framework that is used for countries like France or Mexico (already stamped by the Senate).  Trump presents the treaty to the Senate to approve.  They freak out because it's going to trigger a mess.

Republicans and Democrats explain how this extradition treaty is doomed.  Then Trump reveals the curtain pulled....to say it's the exact same wording as the one from Mexico or France.  The Senators look like absolute fools.  They now must sign this or face massive skeptical nature by the public.

Once signed, Rod Rosenstein gets called in and told to extradite, and he will try to refuse.  Fine....he gets fired on the spot.  Mueller will then realize that the whole episode that he's developed is cornered...he can't win. 

The 'Compromising' Story

I sat there last night and observed the Trump-Putin press conference, and there's probably twenty-odd things that you could observe.  Toward some point, some news journalists stood up and asked Putin....if he had 'compromising' material on Donald Trump.  Putin just started to grin, and then talk to a topic that had nothing to do with the question. 

The press?  Well, today....they've gotten hyped up to suggest that the answer was 'yes'.

I sat and pondered over this.  The plain blunt truth is that Putin has an entire library of compromising material over President Trump, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Senator McCain, and at least 20,000 present and former American characters.  Just the folder with Bill Clinton's compromising information alone is probably over 3,000 pages. They probably even have a folder for former Alabama governor Bentley and his paramour gal, which goes into the range of four pages.

Putin mostly grinned because he could just blow away the entire audience by admitting that he's got hundreds of thousands of pages of material, and it's way more than he could read in his entire lifetime.  He might have spoken up on some fistfight between Joe Biden and some associate back in 1959. 

The problem with the press is that they are just stupid enough to hear something and twist it one way.....not realizing the massive problem at the other end of the spectrum, and that most of the public doesn't buy their angle to the story anymore. 

Cold War Talk

I sat and watched about 20 minutes of the McLaughlin Report (7/15/2018), which feature Pat Buchanan.  The hype?  This Helsinki meeting with Trump and a discussion over the necessity (oddly enough) to recreate a cold war, which Pat points toward liberals for 'desiring' (my word for the humourous suggestion).

Back around the spring of 1992, I got this note from the Air Force personnel office that I'd been awarded the Cold War Victory Medal.  Basically, anyone who served between 2 September 1945 and 26 December 1991....got the medal.  At the time, when I was given my medal....I displayed it to a couple of folks and it was commonly observed that the 'look' of the medal was some older lady sitting in a lawn chair with a sword, facing a rising sun, with COLD WAR written out.

Of all my medals, it kinda rates there with the Good Conduct Medal, which you typically got as long as you didn't misbehave or get arrested for a DWI. 

Most folks will suggest that from 1992 to the last year....we've been in Cold War II.  Some folks might even suggest that we are approaching Cold War III, where it's all mostly hyped up fake chatter over some fake war brewing.  Even this talk over NATO needing to exist....is only driven because of the fake war suggestion.  It's just odd, that conservative folks are almost to the point of agreement, and the liberal folks are to the point of hyping war potential.

The odds of some idiot sitting there now and designing Cold War Victory Medal II?  I would imagine there is such a guy, and that by the end of 2018.....another medal will be authorized (yes, I might actually get a second medal, having been retired for 19 years).

As for Pat's suggestion of this fake chatter over a non-existent Cold War?  It is the amount of disrespect by the public now....toward the news media, that drives this whole discussion.  Thirty years ago, the news folks could have driven this easily into your living room and convinced you.  Today?  I doubt if they can convince more than 30-percent of the nation of this 'doom' scenario.  Maybe that's the bigger story here.

This Park Idea

Folks in Alabama....sometimes do crazy things.

I was reading a piece today that the city of Birmingham, and the state Department of Transportation are going to have a discussion over this idea of creating a  10-block "pedestrian-friendly entertainment district."

Naturally, this would beg the question where, and the city is suggesting this to be UNDERNEATH the new interstate bridges being built for Interstate 59/20.

Right off the bat, they let you know that this walkway has a name....BHAM, but they just aren't sure about the purpose.  Some folks suggest a skate park.  Some folks are suggesting some kind of water landscape (like water fountains), and all of this would draw folks to come and visit other folks.....under the interstate.

In general, Alabama folks will mingle and socialize on front porches, back porches, patios, city parks, picnic grounds, state parks, national parks, and so on.  But it's the first time that I've heard the idea that Alabama folks would go and socialize under interstate bridges.

It just seems like some boondoggle where you'd go and wast six to ten million dollars to create a fake park, where mostly homeless folks would hang out, or dope-dealers would conduct commerce, or hookers would entice you.  Course, maybe all of this is supposed to lead to some unusual bar zone called the "UNDERPASS" with disco, country and rock all piped in and 8,000 Alabama folks hanging out under some interstate.  You just can't tell.