Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The 'Compromising' Story

I sat there last night and observed the Trump-Putin press conference, and there's probably twenty-odd things that you could observe.  Toward some point, some news journalists stood up and asked Putin....if he had 'compromising' material on Donald Trump.  Putin just started to grin, and then talk to a topic that had nothing to do with the question. 

The press?  Well, today....they've gotten hyped up to suggest that the answer was 'yes'.

I sat and pondered over this.  The plain blunt truth is that Putin has an entire library of compromising material over President Trump, President Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Senator McCain, and at least 20,000 present and former American characters.  Just the folder with Bill Clinton's compromising information alone is probably over 3,000 pages. They probably even have a folder for former Alabama governor Bentley and his paramour gal, which goes into the range of four pages.

Putin mostly grinned because he could just blow away the entire audience by admitting that he's got hundreds of thousands of pages of material, and it's way more than he could read in his entire lifetime.  He might have spoken up on some fistfight between Joe Biden and some associate back in 1959. 

The problem with the press is that they are just stupid enough to hear something and twist it one way.....not realizing the massive problem at the other end of the spectrum, and that most of the public doesn't buy their angle to the story anymore. 

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