Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Cold War Talk

I sat and watched about 20 minutes of the McLaughlin Report (7/15/2018), which feature Pat Buchanan.  The hype?  This Helsinki meeting with Trump and a discussion over the necessity (oddly enough) to recreate a cold war, which Pat points toward liberals for 'desiring' (my word for the humourous suggestion).

Back around the spring of 1992, I got this note from the Air Force personnel office that I'd been awarded the Cold War Victory Medal.  Basically, anyone who served between 2 September 1945 and 26 December 1991....got the medal.  At the time, when I was given my medal....I displayed it to a couple of folks and it was commonly observed that the 'look' of the medal was some older lady sitting in a lawn chair with a sword, facing a rising sun, with COLD WAR written out.

Of all my medals, it kinda rates there with the Good Conduct Medal, which you typically got as long as you didn't misbehave or get arrested for a DWI. 

Most folks will suggest that from 1992 to the last year....we've been in Cold War II.  Some folks might even suggest that we are approaching Cold War III, where it's all mostly hyped up fake chatter over some fake war brewing.  Even this talk over NATO needing to exist....is only driven because of the fake war suggestion.  It's just odd, that conservative folks are almost to the point of agreement, and the liberal folks are to the point of hyping war potential.

The odds of some idiot sitting there now and designing Cold War Victory Medal II?  I would imagine there is such a guy, and that by the end of 2018.....another medal will be authorized (yes, I might actually get a second medal, having been retired for 19 years).

As for Pat's suggestion of this fake chatter over a non-existent Cold War?  It is the amount of disrespect by the public now....toward the news media, that drives this whole discussion.  Thirty years ago, the news folks could have driven this easily into your living room and convinced you.  Today?  I doubt if they can convince more than 30-percent of the nation of this 'doom' scenario.  Maybe that's the bigger story here.

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