Monday, 17 June 2019

The Africans

News journalists have hunted down some of the African guys who crossed the Texas border into the US, and asked questions.  This crowd, unlike the normal Latinos folks....don't answer many questions, and have no interest in being noticed.  The fact that they have a fair amount of cash on pay the smugglers, and the Mexicans along the way?  This leads me to one curious scenario.

For the past decade in Africa, there's been a serious effort to build drug in different parts of Africa, there are drug-lords who run their operations supplying various drugs throughout Africa, and there is a suggestion of the flow going into Europe.  My suggestion is that the drug-lords have funneled capital to these young guys, and sent them to establish a cartel front in the United States.   Competition for the MS-13 gang and the Mexican cartels?  Yes. 

Maybe I'm wrong, but it's just odd how they have  'quiet' behavior on how they got to the US, and how they have cash on them. 

Eight Observations Over the 2020 Election

We are about six months away from serious campaigning but the Democratic debates start already here in June, so the season is heating up.  So ten observations to make:

1.  Trump has virtually no competition in the primary, and there's a pretty good chance that he won't make more than twenty public speeches/appearances from January to April.  So he's saving around 90-percent of his funding.  From July on in 2020, he'll have a massive chest of money sitting there.

2.  The effort to use mandated public tax submissions to restrict Trump from entering the state primaries or November election? Unless they make the rule for all state candidates, it won't work and the Supreme Court will settle this in quick fashion.

3.  I would presently give Joe Biden and Mayor Pete the primary odds of being the final candidate.  Warren, Sanders and Beto are secondary choices.  The only VP out there (virtually guaranteed) is Georgia's Stacey Abrams (the loser from the Governor's race). 

4.  Whether people believe it or not....a major shift will occur in the House, and I'll go and predict that the Republicans have a majority of ten to fifteen seats once the smoke has cleared.

5.  Fake news is discussed on a daily basis, and various people will have their Facebook accounts frozen because they passed around fake news. 

6.  Black males will go nationally at around 30-to-40 percent for Trump.  Double of 2016.  In some southern states, black females will move up to around 25-percent for Trump.  The Latino vote will double in several states.

7.  The top five campaign topics will be: the Census, college debt, immigration, the Wall, and anti-Trump talk.

8.  A large portion of the public will openly comment that election campaigning is now a full-time situation....365 days a year....year in and year out. Election fatigue will be openly discussed.

Odd Aspect of Iran-Tanker 'Attack' (If It Was)

This US Navy video (you can see it over at YouTube).....shows a non-descrip vessel alongside the tanker.  Counting the folks, there's one pilot, and around ten guys on the front half of this plain commercial vessel. 

This Iran boat that everyone hypes up not a military vessel.  There's no 50-cal gun...nothing.

I went down the list of normal Iranian military boats.  Nothing on the list really matches up to it.  Kinda odd.

Missile launcher type vessel?  No.  This is a light seagoing boat that might carry 20-to-25 people max.  Support role.  I don't even think it'd be classed as a deep-sea type boat. 

Bunch of civilian guys with some fake agenda to stir up trouble?  It just makes me wonder.

Is There Any Difference Between Foreign 'Dirt' and Domestic 'Dirt'?

It's a curious question.

Some American guy comes up to you....saying he's with such-and-such New Orleans foundation and has 'dirt' on some Republican candidate.

Some British pretender-spy comes up to you and says he's got the same basic 'dirt' on some Republican candidate. 

Is there any difference here?


Some barber from Reno (an American) and some French journalist from Paris....same 'dirt' aspects....same value?  Yes. 

'Dirt' is 'dirt'.  If you haven't figured that out might want to open up a beer and think about the implications.