Tuesday, 5 March 2019

The Next Congressional Mess

There are today.....three separate House committees....asking for communications documents or interview records from these meetings between Trump and Putin.

The committees?  The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Committee on Oversight.

Meetings notes between Bush and Putin, or Obama and Putin?  No. 

After a number of delays, Trump will likely put all of his interview records, along with those of Bush and Obama....in front of the committee.

So the Democrats will open up the folders and find that Putin opened the dialog.....chatting about the local weather, and dispensing six lines of text on rainfall in Moscow this year.  Trump responds with his view of rainfall in DC. 

Then Putin asks about the NY Yankees, and if they are destined to win in the World Series.  Fourteen lines of text will then come from Trump, as he discusses the bullpen, likely trades, and the possibility that the Yanks won't go all the way.

Then Putin will ask about the Kardashians.  He's only up to season 13.  Trump will suggest that he can get the DVDs from his stash and send over season 14 and 15. 

Then Putin will comment about that silly Chancellor Merkel from Germany.  Trump will ask what she's done now, and Putin will have eight lines of text over some issue brewing there in Germany.

Forty pages of text from one single meeting between Putin and Trump.....and nothing?  Then some Republican will open up the Bush-Putin folder, and find a similar meeting.  Same for the Obama-Putin meeting. 

All of these leading to more or less nothing?

And the news media folks standing there, and expecting some explosive news episode?