Saturday, 4 January 2020

MCGA (Make California Great Again) Strategy

For the past month, I've watched a number of video pieces by people who confirmed that they are packing and leaving California.  Some did it in 2017....some in 2018....some last year, and some are discussing their 2020 plan for leaving.  Their most favored spot?  If they were retirement age.....most left for Arizona or Nevada.  The rest were aiming for Texas or southern states.  If you use the data for the past decade.....five-million California folks have packed and left the state.

So I think it's time to play the political strategy and do a Trump theme for 2020's election.  Yes, Make California Great Again (MCGA).

I would lead off with two introductions to California:

1.  Have a 60-second advertisement with video clips of the 1960s California image and what brought so many people to come into the state.

2.  Have a 60-second advertisement piece with people in their 60s who remember the old California and their heartfelt love of the state.

Then I would run twenty advertisements, one coming out every two weeks, and showing the 2020 image of the state.  I'd bring Kanye West, various Latino Republicans, and show the aspirations of people to help the state recover. 

Yes, I's crazy.  But you don't have to pay TV stations any longer to run these commercials.  You run your own video service, and let people find it via Facebook or Twitter.