Friday, 4 September 2015

The Carbon-Dating Question

Some guy was digging around a library collection in England, and came to a page or two which weren't part of the original book.  Inserted pages.

The book in Question....the Koran.

After a while, the people with the collection had this curious nature and had a carbon-dating done on the inserted pages.

It's an odd thing.....the inserted pages were from the period of 568 AD to 632 AD.

Basically, this opened up a can of worms with the Islamic community.

You see....Muhammad didn't even get born until 570 AD.  He was in early thirties when he finally got around to organizing his church group, and the document in question....didn't really come together until a decade later.

Some people now have this odd suggestion about how the inserted pages and carbon-dating fit together.  The idea is that the Koran existed prior to Muhammad and prior to the formation of Islam.  If true (you have to emphasize IF in this case), then Islam is a copy of another religion, which puts the whole thing into a massive discussion stage.

Few non-believers have an understanding of Islam in the historical sense or Muhammad's youth.

Muhammad hung out in his youth with his uncle, who was a regional trader.  One of the great things about the trading situation.....was that you got to travel and meet different people.....along with different religions.

In Saudi Arabia at the time.....there were roughly three-hundred-plus religions.  People were creating religions left and right.  Muhammad took to reviewing various religions and had a curious nature with them.  After the Uncle died and stability kinda fell apart.....Muhammad's effort to create Islam went into overdrive.

The odds of a religion existing at the time....before Islam.....and using the Koran?  There's not much proof.....but a lot of things have been purged over the years and you can't be sure of anything.  I'm guessing that the Islamic crowd is a bit frustrated that this came out, and there's going to be some effort to downgrade the carbon-dating story.  But it puts some people into a different prospective.  If you could dig up a dozen-odd Koran items.....all dating prior 570'd set the stage for a confrontation.  Questions would get asked and the legit nature of Muhammad would be called into question.