Tuesday, 26 February 2013

From the News

There were three interesting stories today.

First, John Kerry....our new Secretary of State....is off in Germany.  He got into a crowd of young Germans who asked a bunch of questions.  Most were confused, and felt that Americans are acting pretty stupid in world affairs.

John Kerry stood up, and spoke right back at the German crowd: "In America, you have a right to be stupid, if you want to be... and we tolerate that."

My general opinion....knowing Germans pretty well....they probably stood there in shock.  No one in Germany would ever admit in public that you have the right to be stupid, or that people have to tolerate stupidity.  I'm guessing they stood there for several minutes....thinking it was a bad translation, and then realized.....no, Secretary of State Kerry spoke those precise words.

It's not written down in the Constitution, or handed out by some Presidential order.  It's just a simple fact.....all three hundred million of us....are allowed to be stupid.

We can cuss.

We can buy lousy Chrysler cars.

We can drink one-star beer.

Women can flash guys at football games.

Guys can get stupid and marry some gal who will spend all their money.

Families can get credit cards and spend themselves into debt.

We can allow dead people to vote in national elections.

We can elect dead guys to Congress.

We can force school cafeterias to serve only nutritional food, then discover that no idiot high school kid will eat the nutritional food.

We can build houses on swampy soil.

We can put up $500k houses on beaches hit by hurricanes every twelve years.

We can order fools to clear out of New Orleans for a hurricane, and they will stay.

We can ask women not to show their nipples on national TV, but they do it anyway.

We can put a show like Amish Mafia on TV, and just pretend it's fake reality TV.

And we can elect a wannabe professor into the Presidency.....because there's really no other clear choices.

I'm guessing that eighty million Germans are sitting....mostly in shock.

For the second best story of the day?  The Homeland Security crowd came out and admitted that they will be releasing illegal aliens in Arizona when sequestration starts up.  Course, that got the whole state of Arizona all peppy today.  I'm guessing John McCain is calling and asking for a direct meeting with Homeland Security.

My general suggestion?  If this all occurs....just start a bus run every twelve hours from Arizona and push the illegals to Washington DC.  The bus ought to be free of charge....hand each guy $200 in cash with free food for the trip.  Once in DC....dump them behind the White House and tell them where they can get free food from the local shelters.

It'll take two busloads before the mayor of DC gets all upset, and complaining about too many Latinos in DC streets, and suddenly an uproar occurs because black DC doesn't want more Latinos on it's front-yard.

Finally, Guntersville, Bama.....has decided that when a serious weather event occurs, it would make sense to seize people's weapons.  It's a city bill that they are working on, but haven't passed or implemented yet.

If I were a resident of Guntersville....I'd actually go and tell them to process them and make it law.

Then I'd sit and wait for the first storm, and wait for some town policeman to come by and start knocking at my door.  I'd have a sign at the door that seizure of weapons would be welcomed....after I had fired off all my ammo in response to the seizure.  Your job....as a decent cop.....is to guess when I've used up all my ammo.  Do I have 50 rounds, 500 rounds, or 5,000 rounds?  You know to guess and be real sure...otherwise, it might not be in your interest to walk around and bother me.

An Epic

Long ago, in a faraway land, men had progressed to a point where multi-arrow bows were accepted. After a few occasions where mass-arrow killings occurred, the king's peasants set up a campaign to rid the kingdom of the evil machines.

Town cryers (journalists of the day) went about yelling and screaming over the evil contraptions.  Focus groups would appear at the gates of the castle to demand the king rid the kingdom of such evil.

The king came out at some point, and spoke of how he would use his executive powers....to do the good of the kingdom.

But Lords and Dukes from across the kingdom....asked of the wisdom of this.  If evil men came in the middle of the night....would people have the protection necessary to save their families?  Town cryers yelled that this was all bogus-talk.

Eventually, towns in the kingdom sat about to tax arrows at a much higher rate than normal.  Other towns told the arrow makers to up and move.....to their village, where taxes would not be dumped upon them.

The king talked of registering all bows in the kingdom, and making a ID check mandatory for any bow purchase.

Peasants eventually tired of the talk, and of the town cryers.  Eventually, all settled down, and people got back to growing crops, milking cows, cutting hay, and drinking whiskey.  All was well....eventually.

Simply Observations

I sat and downloaded Argo yesterday.  It's a two-hour movie.   I have to say that it's probably on my list of thirty movies that you ought to watch in your life.  It is that good.  It does make the Iranians look like idiots, I admit that.  So if you have the time....watch it.

Congress (well, the Republicans)....stood up and hinted to the President that his 100-city tour that is being planned out....is taking a chunk of government money to fund.  They'd like for him to downsize.  The President hasn't responded yet....but I'm guessing that he intends to double his tour now....just to prove a point that funding traveling tours doesn't make a difference.

Yeah, that story of the 13-year-old girl stabbing another 13-year-old (boy) over a bag of potato chips....is absolutely true.  It was from California and the young lady says that she was mostly kidding, and is a bit sorry.  Cops won't say much except they did arrest her, and charges have yet to be filed.  My humble guess is that she will one day marry this boy....and shoot him accidentally one night.  Just kidding.

VP Joe Biden says "Americans are tired of being tired".  This was referring to gun control, immigration reform, tax reform, etc.  From the heartland, if you dragged ten guys out of a barbershop.....they'd all say that folks in DC are hyped up on drugs, booze or in a schizophrenic state of mind.  VP Joe?  Yeah, they'd probably say the same thing over him.  Tired?  Yeah, they are just tired of fake journalist taking reports and just blabbing on some emergency that no one really takes serious anymore.

C. Everett Koop has finally passed on....at 86.  He was the Surgeon General under Reagan and Bush.  He'd appear almost weekly on TV and dispensed advice left and right.  Pretty smart guy.