Friday, 22 November 2019

The 'QPQ' Party Idea

I have this idea for a political party.  The name for it?  The Quid Pro Quo Party (QPQ).

So the idea is this, I want various political folks of both parties (maybe even the Greens and Libertarians) to come up and sign a pledge on ten to twenty things that they would do.....if we (the voters) supported them as a national party.  If there is money involved, I want them to spell out where the money will come from. 

Then our members (really voters) would go and give them our 'vote'. 

If they failed to accomplish their promises?  In the very next election, I'd fire them, by giving my vote automatically to the next party.  I'd repeat this a couple of times, and they'd eventually learn.....either don't promise much of anything, or actually go and accomplish the promise. 

The neat thing about the QPQ that we'd have no candidates...we'd just be freelance voters.