Friday, 9 November 2018

The Problem for a Antifa Dude

'Winston' (my name for a 20-year old kid in some college program somewhere)....has been sitting around classes and gotten enough chatter from Professor Wendy....that he believes he can right 'wrongs'.  To be honest, he's probably not sure about the 'wrongs' thing, but Professor Wendy says by protesting and getting can make a difference.

So one day...'Winston' shows up at some rally or downtown area, and some folks get hyped up to go and protest at some guy's house.  It's a right-wing guy of some type.  The crowd is convinced of the great deed they are going to accomplish.  Somewhere in the middle of this mess....'Winston' encounters 'Claude' the maintenance guy, who pulls out a baseball bat, and whoomps on 'Winston' and six others.

Broken bones, ribs, concussions, and in 'Winston's case....he's got some brain damage.  'Winston' probably won't be able to function as a member of society and will have the behavior of a six-year old kid for the rest of his life.

The court?  After seeing enough video of threats made by the crowd, they believe 'Claude' did the right thing in protecting himself and the owner of the house.

The sad thing here is that 'Winston' and literally hundreds of others are going to face off and find that there is a real situation where massive violent reaction will occur, and lives hang in the balance.

It's a sad end for guys like this.  They were hustled around by stupid college professors to believe something, and naive enough to believe anything told.  They could have led productive lives, and instead.....sit in some artificial 'battle' thinking they are saving the world. 

And the really sad thing is that there are literally thousands of 'Winston's' around in America....who will never lead productive lives.