Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Simply Observations

One. Rachel Dolezal and the "I identify as Black" concept.  It's kinda surprising that the label thing has taken quickly with some news media folks and sold across as acceptable.  A guy might look at this and say: "I identify as a Redneck" and expect folks to just accept that.  Someone might say: "I identify as a meth-head" and expect folks to just accept that.  Some gal might say: "I identify as a right-wing conservative Christian and deny gay marriage" and expect folks to just accept that......well.....oh.....that ID doesn't sell well on TV, I guess.  Expect tens of thousands of t-shirts to now sell by this weekend....entitled as "I identify as such-and-such".

Two. It's one of those odd stories.  The ISIS folks have a fairly decent turn-over situation in Iraq and Syria.  So, they have an HR department.  You'd kinda be dazed when this comes up.....but they are that 'smart'.  The current gimmick of the HR department of ISIS?  Well....they pretend to be social workers coming to your door to "help" you.  Once inside your friendly side......they use recruitment ideas and get you signed up to be a player.  It wouldn't surprise me if they even threw in some benefit chat or gave the guy a coffee cup.

Three. Syria finally came up yesterday and asked the EU for help.  Basically.....the one million Syrians in Jordan are now too much to handle.  What the EU will say or do?  Unknown.  If this were a six-month long problem concerning a previous earthquake or tidal problem.  But this is a potential decade-long issue and you can't say what will happen to the Syrians sitting around in various countries.  It's possible.....that none will ever return in this lifetime to their country.  To have imagined this a decade ago?  Not possible.  More Syrians to Europe?  There's only two or three countries with an open view on this presently.  Oddly, no one ever mentions Russia.