Thursday, 16 May 2019

'Useful Idiots' Story

I sat today reading over a story out of Brazil.  Basically, the President there (a Trump-like character) announced that he wants to pursue cutting state contributions to colleges (30-percent).  Naturally, students got all hyped up.  The accompanying statement by the Brazilian President?  Well....he said that the Brazilian people really don't need so many 'useful idiots'.

Yep.....'useful idiots'.

I stood at a car rental shop back around 2010.....late at night....trying to get the keys and just drive out.  The only lady left was the manager of the shop there at the airport.  Young gal....maybe 24 years old.  While waiting on a process....conversation started up.  She was a recent college graduate....four-year degree....hired on with this car rental shop as manager.

I questioned this.  A decade or two prior.....these manager jobs with the car rental shops were mostly guys from the Vietnam college degree.  It's not the kind of job that you really need to waste on a college graduate (at least in my mind).

I asked about the pay....they were marginally paying her $30k a year.  She'd have to stay on for at least four years to reach the next bump-up....$35k. 

I kinda asked, in a nice way.....weren't there better jobs (more challenging ones) and paying better?  Well....this was the only job that she'd found with her business degree. 

No one does the data collection, but I would take a guess that roughly twenty-to-thirty percent of all people wrapping up their bachelor degrees.....are in jobs without any real promise for the future.  The colleges?  They are pumping out 'useful idiots'.....a degree attached to someone.....thinking they will move up in the world.  The sad thing is that you could create some one-year degree program, and maybe forty-percent of kids in high school and aiming at some four-year degree....would be better to aim for something like that. 

This Brazilian President taking on a lot of trouble?  There's no doubt.