Saturday, 27 December 2014

Cops, Thugs, Hypocrites, Mass Movement, and America

Just ten observations about a trending topic of cops, thugs, hypocrites, mass movements, and the US.

1.  Generally speaking....roughly eleven percent of Americans smoke marijuana at least occasionally.  Roughly nine percent of Americans use illegally procured narcotics at least occasionally.  Roughly .4-percent (1.2 million) Americans use meth at least occasionally.  Do the statistical average and you will bump into one doped-up idiot every single day.....maybe six to twelve times a day.  All it takes is one guy or gal getting unhinged and doing something stupid....where you, the neighbor, the grocery clerk, the retired guy, or the cop has to shoot them and put the guy six-feet under....because they were threatening you.  It's a higher chance of bumping into this type character....than a Jehovah's Witness, which says something.

2.  Disrespect rates higher than respect today.  Maybe it's stress on society.  Maybe it's the continual demands put on people and they can't handle it.  Maybe it's just the trend of society to go this way.

3.  Once you red-line a part of your town as a place not to hang out or drive-through after generally never reverts back to a green-line area (safe).  Ask anyone who lives in Memphis.....roughly seventy percent of the city is regarded as unsafe after dark.  Birmingham, Alabama has roughly ninety-percent of the city as unsafe after dark.  The whole eastside of DC, is unsafe after dark.  We just accept it, and don't ask questions.

4.  If you get shot dead by a cop or a thug....does it really matter over the end-result?  Dead is dead.  Does it matter that you are black and shot by a black cop or a black thug?  Does it matter or make any difference that you are white, and shot by a Latino thug?  This gimmick phrase of "black lives matter" about the most bogus statement ever pushed out and accepted by some mass movement.  All lives matter in the end.

5.  Why do we generally dislike cops?  They end up getting used to hand-out traffic tickets as a money-maker for towns.  We've all experienced this negative side.  They also get hired and never drug-tested.  Cops for small towns aren't college-educated (even a single year) and rarely have some academy it's like hiring Larry's cousin Marvin....who used to watch Adam-12 and T J Hooker.  How many cops are on the side and working for drug cartels/gangs?  Probably a couple thousand throughout the entire US.  Fixing this?  It's beyond a solution stage.

6.  What's the general rule about gunplay?  If you wave a gun around and point it at don't respect the gun or general rules on handling a gun.  The odds are against you living a long and uneventful life.

7.  When some media thug comes around and hypes up your misery....your mess....your pit of's usually a brief episode where you get used for some agenda.  Maybe it's a positive agenda.  Maybe it's a negative agenda.  Naturally, you ought to ask questions.....but you get too caught up and just skip the common sense moment.

8.  We all have some minor element of hypocritical thinking in our lives. We talk ethics but occasionally lack them.  We talk positive lives but occasionally take the negative stance.  We talk nutrition but sip a 44-ounce Big Gulp or chow-down on a Wendy's Double-Cheeseburger dripping with grease.  We talk up on the wonderful values of some neighborhood kid, who we know is doped-up five days a week and robs liquor stores occasionally.  We hold political figures to false stances and just grin when they break their word on forty-fourth occasion.  Our moral judgments slide....depending on the mass movement of the day and our hypocritical scale is always fluctuating.  We don't seem capable of realizing this.

9.  If you lived in a marginal lifestyle, in the worst part of town, and knew six teens who were dead before age eighteen by violent means....what would motivate you to stay and continue to live in such an atmosphere?  A logical guy.....after being robbed by thugs or watching houses on their street flip to becoming meth-houses....would pack up and move as far away as possible.  Are we that anchored down?

10.  Cops aren't cops anymore.....once they acquire military assault tanks, put on military-style uniforms, run elite 'gangs' to serve search warrants, and approve military-tactics as part of the daily routine.  Maybe they put on a badge and pretend to be cops.....but these type of characters are something else beyond the concept of a cop.  What we've accepted....isn't normal.  Yet we've crossed the line and allowed this type of behavior to become the 'norm'.

There's something wrong here....but it's wrong all over the place.  Simply wanting to clean up the mess or act no longer possible.  We've all become hypocrites....respectful hypocrites.....but lousy successful tax-paying hypocrites.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Turning Innovation into Something is the Bigger Talent

On the list of the top one-hundred inventors of America.....Samuel Morse might just barely break into the group.  Most folks would rate him way down around number two-hundred.....maybe even into three-hundred level.  Some would even say.....he wasn't really an inventor....per say.

All of this brings me to this short history of Samuel Morse.  He's the oldest kid among a family of highly-religious enthusiasts.....tied to the Calvinist Church of America.  Calvinists, for the sake of discussion....are individuals who sit and discuss the Bible at length.....extraordinarily length reach conclusions on why Adam did this, why Eve did that, and how this might all be interrelated.

You can sense that the path of Samuel Morse is going to be a long and difficult one.

He ends up going off and getting fairly educated on theology, mathematics, philosophy, and the science of horses.  If things had gone a certain way.....he'd likely be an outstanding horse doctor and veterinarian.  To support himself through the couple of years at Yale.....he did a lot of painting.  To be humble about it....he had a vast amount of talent.

After the Yale graduation....Samuel was preoccupied with painting.  For almost two decades....that was his one and only profession.  He picked up various commissions.....making a marginal income out of the work, and always finding another project to hook onto.

In 1825, while he was in New York City.....he got an urgent letter detailing his wife being sick.  It would have taken three days to get back.....but the letter merely said an illness had come over her.  He was closing off his business and preparing to leave two days later....when the next letter came.  His wife had passed on.  He never knew the extent of the illness, and the distance for the letters to travel made immediate knowledge impossible.

This episode bothered him greatly.  His painting career continued on to some degree, but he was probably a bit preoccupied.

Seven years would pass, and one day while crossing the Atlantic.....he was in the company of another gentleman and came to discover that this guy had the same fascination with electricity as he did.  It's an odd science in this days and just barely in the beginning stages of understanding it.  What you could grasp was that an electrical current could be passed from one point to another.

No one saw any great purpose beyond that.

So, Morse sat there and reasoned enough to say that you could 'talk' via some electrical current.  No one had sat around and realized the idea or how you'd make it work.  Morse simply developed a code.....tested it.....and did some demonstrations proving that you could talk to someone not just across the room, but across town, and across an entire country.

In roughly twenty years....Samuel Morse had taken a simple twist to an already existing piece of science, and brought communication into a bold new era.  In essence....all he did was invent a simple code.  This....brought to a painter, not an inventor or scientist.....but a painter.

Why History is Like Nuclear Science

I had a fascination with history since like the third-grade.  To me, it was a fascinating open window about life, culture, events, and screw-ups.  I had an appreciation of looking over a map showing the whole 'walk' that Lewis and Clark conducted, and how they didn't have a Motel-Six to check into, or some interstate diner to provide a charming lunch.  I liked WW II stories that unfolded, where one single episode led onto a massive and epic story.  I like the mysteries left by Stonehenge and the Pyramids.

What's generally bothered me over the decades is that history is often taught by instructors, professors, and such a level....that it's like nuclear science or geometric equations.  High schools were bad for putting out the whole structure of just memorizing twenty-two key pass the weekly quiz.  Looking was amazing.  You had eight class days of forty-five minute 'mini-lectures', which all keyed on five TERMS per day, and you simply had to memorize just enough of that to get a decent grade.....then dump the data as you moved onto the next chapter.  Nothing was ever learned in such a way to make sense.

In college, occasionally you'd have some professor who would drift off from the lecture and actually lay out this great graphical vision of some event and you could visualize the approaching battle, confrontation, or big adventure.  Those occasions however, were rare.

In the 1990s, I began to notice the History Channel doing some fine pieces on history....which took you to the actual site.  They could actually run up a forty-four minute piece for a one-hour TV show which would tell you the simple story of how Chicago literally burned to the ground, or how some hurricane wiped out Galveston.

One of the great problems in history is that you need to start somewhere.  Most folks like to start their understanding of history either at the Great Depression or WW II....because things kinda fit together easily for their understanding of the story.  Frankly, it's all turned into a story-telling art.  Once someone pushes the notch say WW I or Teddy can usually tell that person is really stretching themselves to connect the dots.  Push them back another notch gold being found in California in 1848....folks start sweating.  Push them back to the Roman period, and you got a stressed-out guy.

My entire introduction to the Roman Empire....from the text books that Alabama offered up for world history around the ninth-grade......consisted of roughly three pages.  There's maybe fifteen things that the teacher could pluck test questions from, and nothing made much sense to a 14-year old kid from Alabama.  It took me around forty years to realize the massive implications of the Roman era and how so much modern history fits to what the Romans started and finished.  Telling the story?  I doubt if a quarter of all college history professors could sit there and do an adequate job over the Roman era story.

This past month, there's been a couple of episodes on German TV featuring the historian and professor Christopher Clark. The German TV crowd hired the professor to do a six-part series over German history.  They actually put the professor in a car, drove around the country.....made some great drone-type video of the landscape.....and then told a five-star story of events.  The Roman era was completely laid out and made perfect sense.  The era of the Enlightenment fell right into place.  The replacement of the Roman authority to the Catholic authority was fully explained.  The Thirty-Years War could finally be put into some understandable context.

The trouble is that we have so few Professor Clark's around, and we end up with a one-star lecture for the most part about Columbus, which tends to portray a slanted story, or some hyped-up story over a map that he MAY or MAY NOT have had in his possession.

I came to hate science in high school because it revolved around forty-four thousand science topics and ninety-nine-percent were things you'd never use.  For the past forty-odd years.....I just haven't had to deal with dinosaurs, the pollination of a bee, or classifying mammals.  I won't say it was wasted time but I just wasn't destined for some career in science, and you could have established that fact by age twelve.

History was could piece together the puzzle and make sense out of what some idiot did, or some epic moment that just accidentally worked out for no real reason.  History could explain why Ford appealed to every American as a car.  History could lay out why New Orleans was screwed-up from day one and has never recovered.  History could explain the interstate system and how it only comes after WW II and the review of the German highway system.

The bottom line?  It'd be nice if history were more simple to grasp, and maybe we are moving in that direction.  But it might be another thousand years and a ton more events to occur.....before we get to that mythical moment where it all makes perfect sense.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Little Bergdahl for Your Morning

Sometime on Friday....the Pentagon wrapped up the Army investigation of Bowe Bergdahl....the Army NCO who deserted his post in Afghanistan...leaving his rifle and unit....and going off to be captured by the Taliban of the region. Over the past six months, the Obama Administration traded five bad guys out of get Bergdahl back.  No one associated with the Administration will speak publicly over the money involved.....but it's figured to be around one million dollars that we gave as part of the deal.

The investigation concluded....yes, he deserted.   End of the story. Concluded and signed off.

Next?  Well.....the Secretary of Defense (Hagel) is handing it over to his unit commander and they will determine charges, or maybe no charges.  You can figure this will take three months to work out.
There are several scenarios.  The worst case is a full-up court martial.....which I seriously doubt will occur.  There could be just some administrative action to dump Bergdahl immediately with a general discharge....but get a lot of Army folks frustrated and hostile that he just gets off easily.  So I'm going for the likely scenario of Bergdahl getting a Article 15 situation....losing most of his stripes....getting ninety days of some jail....and then discharged with a Bad-Conduct Discharge.

Converting it back to a general discharge?  Maybe.  Getting the VA to grant PTSD?  Very likely.  The $350,000 of back-pay from the period held by the Taliban? Zero chance of the money coming to him now, my humble opinion.

Normally, a guy like this would get several years (minimum of one-year) for a simple case of desertion.  There's been cases where no time were awarded, our nut-case who ran off to North Korea and stayed twenty-odd years ended up with no time in jail....simply because he suffered enough.  They may see the same logic in handling Bergdahl the same way.

What does all this say?  If the White House had realized the full consequence of getting Bergdahl back and having this amount of negative attention, I doubt if they'd done it and just let him sit there.  It's another sign of how they aren't capable of grasping the problems and consequences of bad decision-making.

As for what happens to Bergdahl in the future?  I'll predict he gets PTSD paperwork and a military disability situation ($30,000 a year).  I'll also predict he writes a book, which generally doesn't sell.  I'll predict some idiot ten years from now will make a movie over the episode.  And I'll predict that Bergdahl ends up packing a bag and leaving for El Salvador or some marginal third-world country within five years....admitting that he can't handle life in the US.

A nutcase?  Yeah.  Based on everything written of his youth.....I'd say that the Army should have reviewed his entry and stopped him at the front door.  This was predictable. Sadly, there's probably a thousand Bergdahls in the Army today.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

This US-Cuba Hype

Since 19 October 1960.....we've had an embargo and closed relations with Cuba.  The reason?  It's best not to ask this but I'll try to make it simple.

Cuba had a bogus government running things throughout the 1950s.....which had a quiet relationship with various mafia families of the US.  The banking sector, the hotel sector, and anything related to cash-flow.....had some element of the bogus government or US mafia figures involved.

The revolution that came up in 1960?  It brought Castro and his empire into existence.  Most folks figured that a year or two later....with the embargo....the Castro folks would come to be non-existent.  They were wrong.

Every single President since Kennedy.....has been quietly waiting.  LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and even Obama....all had a simple list of things to take down the embargo.  Free elections was the mandatory item....which the Castro team could never get to some agreement over.

What will happen in this case?  I think some dimwit will be picked as a chief talker for the White House.....some retired Senator, and in less than five up a fantastic agreement.  The President will sign the document in March, and talk about this for weeks.  The Senate?  Oh, well....that's not going to rate too well.....if there aren't any free elections in the deal.  The odds of the treaty being approved by the new Republican senate in 2015? Zero chance.  And probably zero chance in 2016.  The lack of free elections will be the chief problem.

The President will work up a visit by April for himself.....going down and dining with the whole Castro team....chatting up the new relationship....which officially doesn't exist without Senate approval.  He knows that....and will talk about it for the whole of the remaining two years.

Sounds like a wrestling script?  Yeah.

The positive for regular folks if there was a treaty completed and you could fly into Cuba? folks with crappy health insurance....could just drop it, and use Cuba's cheap healthcare deal for any requirements.

Got a gallbladder mess?  Go to Mobile....catch a ferry over to Cuba in eight hours and you get your surgery done for less than $500.

American business folks in a rush to get some deals in Cuba?  Don't count on this happening.  The hotel business?  Who the heck wants to drive around a failed Communist state and look at dilapidated buildings and crappy beaches?  There's just not any tourism that can be sparked out of this mess.

So, it's hype.....mostly free hype, and that's the best that the President can build onto.

I Hate Final Episodes

Generally, I hate the last final episode of most shows.

Coming up in a five months will be the final episode of Two and a Half Men.  There's talk that Charlie might be brought back for the show.....but I really don't care.  It's been messed up ever since his character left the show.

Generally, I thought the last final episode of LOST was crap.  Maybe if I'd been drugged up and sipping straight Jacky D's.....I would have understood it better.

The last episode of Friends.....was a marginal two-star piece and it'd been better just to have all six sit down at a cafe....get drunk....and start some fight, then all walk off in separate directions.

The last episode of Magnum PI was supposed to come at the conclusion of the seventh season....with him dying and going off into the greater beyond.  It was one of the most disliked episodes ever, and convinced the studio to do another season, invent some way of bringing Magnum back and doing a final eighth season, with a slightly better conclusion.

The last episode of the Sopranos left you in a bad fix.....the four family members sitting at the cafe and the camera faded out just before something happened.  But you never know what.

This week.....Larry David, who wrote Seinfeld commented on the conclusion episode of the series.  It was described as "clever".

There are 180 episodes of Seinfeld.  I've probably watched every single episode at least fifteen times.  It's the only series that I can rewind, and watch over and over. The number of bad episodes?  I regard only the final (number 180) as the only bad episode ever made.  I can ever go back to season one, and the first five episodes.....which you'd expect them to be marginally acceptable.  Well....episode one might be just a tad weak, but none could be described as marginal.

How would I have ended Seinfeld?  I would have had Patrick Steward of Star Trek fame come to do a voice piece....leading into the first minute.  His question would have been.....what if the four had never met?

Jerry might have never met George....and gone off to be an insurance salesman and quietly married to Miranda....a Jewish lawyer from Queens.

George, without meeting Jerry?  He would have signed up for voice lessons and been a radio news guy for some New Jersey talk-show.  Married? age forty, he'd been on marriage five.

Elaine?  She would have quietly worked her way up to be a catalog with some car mechanic...and spending summers in Canada.

Cosmo Kramer?  He would still be Kramer, with all his eccentric qualities.

I would have tied the twenty-two minute piece all together.....telling their stories and how never meeting would have been a different ending entirely.  Then I'd come to the final minute where I introduced Newman.....fading in from darkness to a point that you can recognize him.  He'd just say a simple phrase....."I like to tinker with mortals....just to see if you can get a bunch of nothing to be curious or interesting".....then grin and walk away onto a cloud.

Monday, 15 December 2014

The Newest Government Database

It has yet to be discussed much....but late this week.....your Fed-Government is going to roll out this really impressive database, with fed stuff cranked into it, and basically tell you the basic damn college in America for your Johnny or Jill to attend.

I's amazing....fed advice on something.

It's a ranking system, which takes into account all 7,000 colleges across America....from the local level to the state level, onto the private level.

It'll be like an NCAA football bowl database, with lots of critical pieces of info.  Like for'll know the graduation level of first-year students at Auburn....telling you only thirty-seven percent will make it all the way to the end....thus making you ask what happened to the other sixty-three percent (they boozed out, ran out of dad's funds, got some girl pregnant, or discovered that a community college was better).

It'll have data to tell you about assaults on campus.....and if so-and-so college is dangerous to attend.

It'll tell you if it's a mostly minority college, with lesser grade averages.

It'll tell you the tuition costs per year, what the dorms and food-pay-plan might cost.

Now, I'll admit....for the parent sitting in their living room and pondering over what Carl (all of fourteen years old) might do in four might be a shocker.  You go through the database and realize that an idiot studying French literature at Mississippi state....might have to pay up $72,500 for tuition, room and board, and pocket money over four years.  Maybe you'd sit down with Carl and establish some thoughts over French literature not amounting to much, and talk him into a welding certificate at the community college....for the grand sum of $7,300 over two years (living at home of course).

There are some positive things that such a database might provide.....but the trouble is.....the federal government is the builder of this.....just like they built the Affordable Health Act database.  Same folks.  What's the odds of them building this right?  And if they built it right.....why couldn't they do it with health insurance?

Ever heard of Fort Hays State University?  It rests in Kansas.  The yearly tuition for a IT or computer science degree?  $3,472.....per year.  It's the most affordable college in America with in-state tuition figured up, for the degree.  Normally, most folks wouldn't care.....but if you only had $12,000 in the family account to put forward for some certificate to help Jill get some education and avoid borrowing a lot of cash.....Fort Hays makes sense.

All of this brings me back around to good intentions, incompetence by the US federal government, screwed up priorities on selecting a college, and the ranking system.

Based on a priority system.....the NCAA bowl selection process is likely to be fairly screwed up because NO one wants to allow some scenario to occur where Auburn and Alabama would meet up in the final game.  So various gimmicks have been worked into the ensure that Auburn and Alabama NEVER meet in such a game.  The same strategy guys are likely at work with this college ensure that you never get to a best over-all college.  That is my humble opinion.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

The Big World of Memoirs

From all this stuff of the past week in the news....I came to this one single note that I noticed....which makes no sense.

The news folks have talked a great bit over the last month or two about this young gal Lena Dunham.....who wrote up a memoir at the youthful age of 28.  To be honest.....she was writing it when she was 27, and published at 28.  Lena's book (Not That Kind of Girl) isn't on my reader's list....mostly because I read historical stuff or Steinbeck.  I's a pretty closed-off reader's list.

Dunham's big piece in the book, which draws lots of curious some rape scene with a Republican guy.  Several facts revolve around this scene and the description of the guy.....which we've been told this week that it's a composite character.

For those from rural areas of America....composite characters are when a writer has hit a block of misery and can't really fill in a they make up a scene and then try to throw in this character who is a mythical version of James Dean, Flip Wilson, Hulk Hogan, Seinfeld's Cosmo Kramer, and the Lone Ranger.

Composite characters are this new trend in writing.  You write a mostly true-to-life book....getting the reader really into the story with juicy writing and real facts.....then you inject the composite guy/gal for the weaker moments that you can't really write facts.

You can imagine trying to do something like this in the 1930s and 1940s.....and a book publisher would have chased you out of the office.....refusing to publish garbage like this.  It was either FACT or FICTION.  You can't blend either into some type of engrossing novel.

But enough of this composite garbage.  What got to me this week....was the nature of a 'kid' (27 years old when writing it).....publishing a memoir.

Typically, a guy gets up to his fifties and starts thinking over life, and starts to write something like this.  The majority of memoirs don't get published until a guy is sixty to seventy years old.

President Obama released his memoir back in 1995....he was 34 years old and his chief accomplishment in life was six years of college and some community organizing efforts in Chicago.

Generally, I have a limited amount of respect for someone who spends a fair amount of time in their youth....who sit down and write some memoir of their accomplishments.  It's like some idiot sat there and told them they had a great story to tell.  If they'd been traveling across America by bicycle, spent an entire summer in Ireland with some hot lusty affair involving a pub mistress, or tamed lions for some Texas traveling circus.....maybe there's some great stuff there for a memoir.  But if the best you got is composite characters or chatting up on the brief two years at Harvard....there's just not much to say.

Do I read memoirs?  About the only memoir that I can recall reading completely through and having some interest in.....was George Orwell's piece on Homage to Catalonia.  From what I can was the Spanish Civil War period, and Orwell wrote up on his experience there.  From my memory (it's over thirty years ago that I read the book) was a fairly detailed piece and I was glad he was doing his 'duty' in Spain because I wouldn't have gone or sat through as many days of misery there as he put in.

So I come to this question.....should anyone take a twenty-seven year-old's memoir as significant?  The simple answer is "NO".  It's mostly gossip stuff that sounds juicy.  Beyond that?  There's not much of life accomplishment to regard as significant.  The sad thing is....we probably will get a Lena Dunham updated memoir about every six to ten years, for the remainder of her life.  Maybe when she gets up to around sixty years old....she'll just combine the half-dozen memoirs into one single memoir.....building up more composite characters, and getting us all enthusiastic about some real or fake scene.

Sadly, we accept stuff like normal, which says a lot.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Rehydration Gimmick in the Senate Report

From the Senate report on torture released.....I came to some piece of reading it....concerning rectal rehydration, and how some guys had this forced upon them as part of the torture process.

Not having a vast amount of knowledge on this rehydration business of the rectum.....I pondered over this and read up on it.

In the early 1900s....there's this device developed for health farms or wellness hotels that develop in both the US and Europe.  The device is called the Murphy Drip.  It's inserted into the rectum, with a solution that had different elements.  The earlier versions all had saline....later adding sodium, and various other possible liquids.

The gimmick here....was to flush out your bowl of the various deadly poisons that might be there.

Scientifically....NO one has ever proved it is helpful....nor harmful.  I'll base that off thirty minutes of poking around the internet.

Oddly enough, in today's weight-loss clinic schemes.....the rectal rehydration episode is making a comeback and usually on the menu of most hotel clinics.  In Germany, you'd pay between 50 and 100 Euro for this. No one states numbers, but I'd take a guess that a minimum of 30,000 Germans probably request this yearly at the various wellness clinics around the country.

A form of torture?  Well....normally the customer requests's not forced onto some customer.  So, it might be an invasion of privacy.  But to say torture?  It's a pretty bogus statement to go that far and say it the way that it comes out.

The odd thing I would say here.....who exactly dreamed up this idea of pumping various Islamic guys full of saline solutions and where did they get introduced to it?  From a wellness clinic?  It just makes you wonder.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Senate's Torture Report

Only some observations, but entry into the discussion.

Years and years ago, I worked at a base in Louisiana and we had this guy in the organization that I barely knew (bumping into him once or twice a week....he was noted for always having a 'problem').  He came up one day with the problem of a neighborhood dog that was coming onto his property and taking a crap....more than once a day in fact.

My associate got peeved about this and talked up his frustrations.  Finally, one day.....he announced he was putting some poisoned meat.  A guy or two in the group voiced'd just get into more trouble this way.  But he did anyway.

A week passed....nothing much said, then he comes over to discuss the new problem.  A cop had come over the night before and asked if he knew of any problems in the neighborhood....someone had poisoned three dogs, with two of them dead.  My associated said no, then asked which dog had survived.  Of course, it was his arch nemesis.....the bad dog he'd talked about for weeks.  My associate said nothing much and the cop left.

From the group.....the general discussion was....there's a bunch of trouble if they figure out you did this.  But our 'problems' guy saw it differently.  In truth, three separate dogs were coming over and visiting his yard (not just one), and his wide-spread method of justice fixed his over-arching problem.
So, onto this torture report.

First, the Department of Defense had a simple rule book on interrogations that existed since the 1950s.  You had various ways to interrogate prisoners captured in a war situation.  Torture was not one of the prescribed methods.  You could make the guy's cell miserable.....limit them to just water and basic food....and intimidate them in various ways.  Hurting them or denying them medical care.....was not allowed by the book.

Having been through  the intelligence school that the Air Force had.....I asked the question during the seminar we had on interrogations.  It was an interesting response.  After WW II....the US had asked a lot of questions to the Nazis and German army.  At the conclusion of the war, the Germans had come to figure out that physical suffering in the name of torture for interrogations....had very limited value and usually got you a lot of bad information.  You could limit a guy's sleep pattern, make them tired, and do various tricks to achieve a better interrogation.  So the US military bought into this and went in this direction.

The CIA?  From the 1950s on.....they experimented with drugs, and a thousand other methods of interrogation.

So, when the 9-11 event was the CIA who ventured into this physical method of interrogation.

Second, who watches over the CIA?  A Senate select committee.  For several years, they've done their best to deny they ever heard of such episodes.  Maybe it's factual.....maybe it's false.  You don't know.  But if they don't know.....what does it say about the Senate managing our intelligence apparatus?

Third, you can sit and imagine Bush finally being told of the events going on.....twelve to eighteen months after they started.  He's sitting and wondering who the heck authorized it.  Basically, all you can see here is the CIA running off on their own agenda and dragging people along with them.

Fourth, once Bush finds the stuff going on.....then they have to have a legal review of the business....deciding what's right and what's wrong.  Basically.....lawyers deciding the ethics of interrogation and torture.  It's kinda like having your barber get into marriage counseling between you and your wife, or providing gardening advice.

Fifth, it took the Senate five years to build this entire report.  Between all of their real work, and full-time duties......they hired up enough people to pump out something.  Just makes me wonder if we could use them for other finding jobs for unemployed Americans or fixing medical costs in America.

Sixth, what happens now?  Nothing.  You can imagine this President with his Nobel Prize going off to some European meeting and this war-crimes topic gets brought up.  He can't sit there and talk his way around it.  Normally, in this type of need to clean the room and do the rest of the job.  In his case, President Obama doesn't even grasp that part of the mess that has been created.

Seventh, is the Senate willing to turn Americans (CIA members and contractors) over to some UN war-crimes court?  You can guess that they've done everything possible to avoid saying that, but the question is sitting there.  Can they go and grab sixty guys and put them on some plane to Brussels?  Is there some legal paperwork sitting there which would be useful in just grabbing people and sending them off to UN justice.....while admitting that the US justice system can't do nothing over this?  Pretty bogus, if you ask me.

Eighth, all of this leads back to some event in 2016 or 2017, dangling in the hands of some Republican President.....having to face down some UN challenge to hand over the guys responsible for war-crimes.  In a way, it's like the story I led off with....a dog crapping in your yard....with the Senate having laid out some drastic crap, and you end up having to bulk-poison the get a solution.

Socrates would ask a bunch of how we got to this situation, and how much value we actually put into morals.  A bunch of losers who claim some religious war and killed three-thousand-odd Americans....doing something pretty inhumane and immoral.  We retaliate by doing some more stuff ourselves pretty inhumane and immoral.

So, the final word.  Strangely enough....the Senate report didn't touch the new strategy of President Obama.....using unmanned drones to kill people outside of war-zones.  If you ask's pretty inhumane and immoral.  Just seems like we need the new Senate meeting in January to start a new five-year campaign....getting to the bottom of drone-executions and who authorized them.....under what American law....and how 'fair' it is.  Seems like the war-crimes folks of the UN would want to investigate that as well.    

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The BullS*it-Meter Journalist

For about a week, I've been watching this rape-story episode with Rolling Stone.  Last Monday....there were tons of info that basically put the entire story in a fraud.  A week later?  Basically....Rolling Stone has now said that the whole story is suspect and is laying blame back at the young journalist who wrote it.

Today, I noticed that the journalist....Sabrina Rubin Erdely commented that she had a "BullS*it-meter" and that she knew precisely when people were BSing her.  This came up weeks ago when someone was asking at a writer's conference and she responded that she knew how to easily recognize BS.

You can generally say something like this.....if you are around fifty years old and seen an awful lot of crap in your life.  In her case....being mid-thirties....I doubt if she's really seen people with bogus accounts of events.

This 'BullS*it-meter'?  Well....if she had bought it at Radio Shack....I'd be suggesting she go back over and try to get her money back.  It's kinda like those old comic book ad's for the submarine kit for $29.  You hear something like this and you just shake your head.

A bright career?  It's hard to say where a person goes next if your entire story is basically a fraud or based on some creative character who might be Man-Bear-Pig.  If you try to hire up with some newspaper or news service....they will continually put a fact-checker on you and make you feel frustrated over the lack of trust.

So, this brings me to an odd topic.....all this stuff that she's written in life....could each have a element of truth and an element of fake in it?  You just don't know.  There are dozens of articles that she's written.....all having an element of negative slant on something.  Might various pieces of the past stories be fraud too?  You start to wonder about this.

This Senate Torture Report

Today was the release date of an examination over our interrogation methods since 9-11, and how 'brutal' the method ended up being applied.  The Senate is the producer of the report....6,700-pages....of which there is only a 500-page document which is released to the public.  The cost for the project?  Roughly forty million dollars.

So, my humble opinion:

1.  A bunch of senators will tell you what they think, with the majority being Democrats, and you have to base the entire report on this curious fact.  Brutally honest, or brutally dishonest?  Only you can tell, but you'd have to read the whole 6,700 pages to reach that conclusion.

2.  Is there anyone from the whole group who read the whole 6,700 pages?  A humble guy would laugh over that question, and already know the answer.

3.  Has harsh interrogation ever worked?  Before 9-11....the general belief was no.  You can question any guy who went through the Air Force intelligence school, and they all would respond that the statistics are against you.  What changed with 9-11?  It's hard to say.  Some folks believed there was a vast amount of information out there with each character they apprehended.  Even today, they still believe that.  Curiously, the Nazis readily admitted by the end of 1945....heavy-handed interrogation simply didn't produce results like you think.

4.  The further use of this report?  While the Senators will deny it.....some folks at the EU or UN will ask for the full report, and attempt to prosecute various CIA or military members over the next couple of years.  Whether the President or the Senate are willing to turn those folks over to the EU court or some war-crimes unknown.  It will simply open up another door, which no one really knows the answer.

5.  Why did it take five years?  No one can answer this with a straight face.  Perhaps someone will bring up Vietnam processes, potential interrogation episodes, and ask for $50 million to go back and write up another 5,000-page document.  Or perhaps we can analyze the Tony Noriega episode?  Or perhaps we can analyze the Cuban missile crisis?  Or perhaps work up the full indepth report over weapons to Syria via the CIA operation in Libya?

I would suggest this....2015 promises to be an extremely interesting year.  The Senate will be set to a Republican theme, and you might see various characters brought in to explain what they did in 2011 or 2012....and this pay-back.....will be part of the game.

When a Reporter Ain't a Reporter, in Bama

I don't read the Montgomery Advertiser much....I will admit that in public.  It might come up once or twice a year in my readings....mostly over a murder, robbery, and some state capital scandal of sorts.

This week, the Advertiser put up an editorial by Del Mash, State Senator, Republican, from Bama. For some reason, I saw just cause to read over it and sit a while to ponder over what was inferred.

Del writes up a 60-line piece where he notes that he's disturbed over fake journalists getting press credentials....sit in the press gallery area and watch fierce and tough debate among Alabama state senators (35 total).

He believes that bloggers have now infiltrated the press....getting access into state capital press rooms....discussing tactics, strategy, and upcoming events among the state capital elite. He lets you know right away....he doesn't want to change the vast amount of transparency that exists in Montgomery or with the state senators (all 35).

So, Del wants to push for a solution and has asked the Bama Press Association (APA) to write down the proper authority and description of a real reporter.....then get the House and Senate to agree to this.....then ensure no one but real press folks cover real important work going on.....especially with the state senators (all 35).

Del indicates that he's been told to by former and present Bama reporters that they aren't fearful of Del's intentions here, and they would like to clean out this mess as well.  In their mind, it just ain't right for folks like bloggers to write slanted pieces and go against the common good work of fine Alabama reporters.

On many fine good newspapers send reporters down to cover the work going on in Montgomery?  Well...there are roughly seventy-odd newspapers in Alabama today, with eight college newspapers.

To be honest....the bulk of them probably have never sent a guy to Montgomery to cover events, and rely up on the top three papers in the state to inform them of events (Birmingham News, Montgomery Advertiser, and the Tuscaloosa News).  Some the Times-Daily out of Florence....might send a guy down to cover a big key event that will be front-page news for two or three days, but ordinarily.....they just don't pick up on news.

The blogger crowd?  Fifteen years ago.....there just weren't any such people.  The amount of coverage that your paper might put out in one average year would have amounted to twenty articles....rarely did any go longer than 500 words.  The Birmingham News might have done six to eight major pieces taking a half-page.....mostly describing an epic moment where bingo was fiercely debated, or some Democrat was caught in a terrible scandal involving the health industry, or road funds were being hotly contested.

Over the past five years, some bloggers have arrived....spend an entire day walking around....asking stupid questions of reporters, state senators, lobbyists.....then go home to write a fifty-line expose (blog as Del describes it).....over some stupidity shown by Republicans.....or Democrats.  The thing is, it's not not forty people reading these blogs anymore.  Some of these political bloggers now have ten-thousand hits a month.

Some of these bloggers are laying out vast strategies that used to be kept within a ten-man group within the state senate and a few reporters.  Someone will sit on the park bench out back of the building and just note who has a new Lincoln Towncar, or $60,000 SUV from such-and-such Ford dealer in Arab.  They might note that such-and-such state senator just returned from a vacation resort deal in Miami....and he didn't have to pay for anything (God bless).

Bloggers are even writing up a who-is-who listing on lobbyists.  They know these guys only deal with gambling, and those guys who only deal with road construction.  They know that such-and-such character who appears only once or twice a there to talk up Mobile's port and getting more money for infrastructure gimmicks that companies ought to pay for but they'd like for the state to pay at least half.  Then you have those guys who occasionally show up to talk airport expansion in Huntsville, more state park money for Gulf Shores, or the pressing issue of enticement funds to get more Mercedes built in Bama.

The university crowd?  Well....yeah.....the bloggers have even taken to noticing how they operate and what funding vehicles are created quietly to bring new infrastructure to various colleges in the state.

Not that I doubt Del's sincere ways and talented ability to write up a fine editorial.....but it's just awful hard for me to find some vast difference between reporters and bloggers.  To be honest....I could probably go through a couple of beauty shops and barber operations in Bama....find six rather talented folks, and hire them as actual newspaper journalists tomorrow.  Without a four-year degree or fake education.....these folks would probably write the same type columns and articles, and I'd just have a grammar queen hired up to clean up their English-language issues.

The plan to write a standard and then deny the bloggers entry into press areas?  It might occur.  The bloggers might start to observe the reporters more....what fine cars they've acquired....and start to wonder if the reporters might just be extended arms of the lobbyists (not to say such is happening).  If you ask'd just open up a big can of worms.

All of this....over the comings and going of the Alabama legislature.  Thirty-five senators and one-hundred-and-five legislators.  Roughly seventy-odd papers in the state.

And truth be known.....a murder or bank robbery....usually outranks political doings in the state on the front-page.  As for political scandals?  Well....unless the governor gets caught in's usually page two, with coaching notes on NCAA football, snake stories, and meth-house busts.  Bama, at it's best.

Monday, 8 December 2014

The Difference Between Bama and New York City

If a pack of cigarettes cost you around $14.50.....just how stupid or how desperate would you get?

In Bama, if Piggy Wiggly and the rest of the crowd suddenly pushed a twelve-dollar tax onto a pack of smokes.....folks would a fairly stupid or corrupt way.

Yeah, we'd import smokes in from Mississippi, and it'd start within six minutes after the tax went into affect.  Yeah, we'd send junior over to Natchez, with an order for 3,000 packs of smokes and resell them up and down the highway to anyone who'd want to buy them, with maybe a quarter added onto each pack for our 'profit'.

Yeah, we'd set up a cigarette mafia made up Nam vets, fake disabled guys who get Social Security, bogus NCAA football freaks, meth-addicted women who look like zombies, and retired guys who claim they've been alien-probed several times since 1973.

Yeah, we'd hook up with the deputies of the local sheriff and work agreements about their bribe to just stay away from some parking lot on highway eleven from mid-afternoon to late-evening.

Yeah, we'd make sure the Baptists were all thrilled by the massive cigarette tax, and ensure that ministers talked up the evil nature of smoking to get them thrilled.

Yeah, we'd invent some fake gimmick that the cigarette tax revenue would go support of schools, blind people, catfish, wild varmints, Nam vets, or county parks named after corrupt county commissioners of the past.

After a while though....things would settle into regular pace, and we'd start to screw up.  The county sheriff would eventually get pushed into the corner by some gas stations, beauty parlors, and bait/tackle shops.....clean up the cigarette mafia.

You see....what tax revenue money that did come in....would be noticed after a while as being marginal and not enough for all the smokes that seem to be smoked.

The sheriff would eventually send his guys around to enforce the stupid $12 tax on smokes.  A couple of the mafia members would get hostile about this.  You'd drag us away from the parking lot, and on one single afternoon.....we'd miss $300 of sales.  It's our rent money, our beer money, our gas money, etc.

After five or six arrests, with momma bailing us out each time, and a month later....getting arrested again....things add up. So, we'd get hostile and frustrated.  It ain't right....why take me and not that other guy on the other side of the parking lot, or the gal over by the Piggly Wiggly pig-sign?

So, you look at the episode that unfolded up in New York City and you just shake your head.  If we'd been that foolish to raise cigarette taxes per pack to $12....we'd have dozens of guys per month where I grew up.....that would refuse to allow themselves to be arrested.

Nothing new or unusual here.  Maybe it took the New York City crowd longer to reach maximum frustration, but we'd done the same thing in Bama.....just a heck of a lot sooner.

The odd thing here?  In Bama, one single cop would have confronted the 300-lb guy.  After a brief conversation.....the cop would have called the second cop to come over, and they would have hit the big guy with a stun gun.  After he'd been knocked out.....the cops would have asked the clerks at Piggly Wiggly (Homer and Gerald) to help them push the smokes guy into a pick-up bed and just haul him to the county jail that way.

That's the difference between Bama and New York City.  We would have taken the less confrontational way to fixing the problem.  True, our hefty Bama guy might have died from the stun gun charge......but it's the most humane way of dealing with frustrated folks....easily and quietly.  Course, after this....we would have sent six cops out to the arrested guy's house....shown a search warrant and searched his two thousand packs of smokes.....then gotten the state tax guy involved, and later seized the guy's pick-up.  We would have made his life miserable enough that he'd have to move in with relatives and accept their help.

That's the difference between Bama and New York City.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Invisible Executive Order

What was exactly signed on 20 November 2014, in support of the President's immigration reform executive order?

This is a curious thing.  There's only two documents registered now at the National Archives.  If the President signs such a has to be presented and registered.  It'd be on-line.  So, there are only two documents from that day registered.

Document number one?  It's an order directing cabinet secretaries to find various ways to cut paperwork on visa/immigration forms.  It's a brief three-page type document, and doesn't suggest anything beyond cutting paperwork.  They can collect and distribute data from reviews, among their departments.  Plus the President directs them to talk the improvements to the nation, via the news media.  Beyond that?  Nothing.

Document number two?  It creates a national task force on finding ways of better integrating new Americans into society.  It's a brief three-pager as well.

So, what was it that the news media....CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.....all talked about on the evening of 20 November?  The President said he did an executive order and listed his actions.  No such such written document exists.  What happened?

It would appear that the President held a meeting and issued verbal instructions.  Then each cabinet secretary issued out a memo.....having less effect than a Presidential executive order, but accomplishing the wording of the President.  What did the President actually say?  Unknown, and it's likely that no one really remembers the entire wording.

In my youth, around 1985, Ramstein put out a news piece of a massive renovation project for the officer's club on base.  I remembered looking at the massive amount of work and thinking it was well over $2 million involved.   I left the base at the end of the year.....just as work was about to start.

Somewhere in the summer of 1986, as work investigation started up.  It was an odd deal.  Someone asked where the funding came from, and no one could give a straight answer.

So toward the end of 1986, the investigation team on base turned the job over to the Pentagon.  The investigation continued.

What finally came to be declared in spring of 1987 was this.  This whole renovation project started with one meeting which the four-star general of Ramstein was supposed to attend....but did not.

In his place....was his wife (odd, I admit), the chief NCO of the Air Forces in Europe, a number of Recreational and Welfare guys from the headquarters, a funding guy, the Ramstein base commander, the Ramstein Recreational Chief (Lt Col), and the officers club/NCO club chiefs.

A requirement was verbal put out by the headquarters people....verbally, for a massive renovation project.  All the wording was backed by...."the general voiced this priority".  You can imagine the scene. Then someone states that funding will take forever, and the comeback is that a German renovation fund exists for projects like this.  So, the base commander is forced into the corner and agrees to start the project.

The German renovation fund?  It was designed for housing and barracks....NOT for massive recreational projects like this.  That was the big problem to start with.

Then you come to a written document signed by the four-star general....there is none.

So around 1987, the investigation team does some disciplinary paperwork on various people connected to this....but can't say nothing to the four-star general.  He walks away....looking pretty foolish....but otherwise no issues.

The whole renovation project?  They have to review what has been done, and what can be marginally done to just finish the stupid project.  Roughly half of the grounds work of the original plan is thrown out.  The glass covering for the side of the officer's club for a dining area?  Gone.  I'd take a guess that roughly half the whole project is tossed.  Luckily, no one goes to jail.

So I look at this gimmick that the President has used.  He had a meeting and verbally told some people to do something, and they write the memos to enforce his position.  The senate?  They'd have to bring all of the people involved into a room, swear them to some oath, and ask what did he actually say.  They might sit there and beg stupidity or faulty memory....making this immigration gimmick to be the most foolish political accomplishment of the past fifty years.  Stopping it?  Well....stop what?  There is no executive order, and nothing that a court could put its hands around.

My humble guess is that a dozen Democratic senators are sitting there and pretty peeved by this behavior.  Maybe it's enough that they just say 'screw-it'.....we won't vote with the White House for the remainder of the next two years.  This is not the simple easy stuff that they'd like to go on interview shows and explain to CNN journalists or ABC Sunday talk show hosts.

So, all of this hype and talk.....over a non-existent executive order?  Yeah.  That's the funny thing about this deal.  Nothing, about nothing.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Bama and Murder

Alabama has a code written into law, which has an attachment to the charge of murder.  It's in section 13A-6-2 of the state code.

Basically....anyone is committing murder if he/she does of any of the following: commits or attempt to commit first degree arson, first or second degree burglary, first degree escape from a jail or prison, first degree kidnapping, first degree rape, any type of robbery, first degree sodomy, or any felony dangerous to life....if there is a death of any person while in this circumstance.

So, even if you were not the shooter, or the person intent on the crime....just by association in an episode where someone get charged with murder.  Just driving a guy away from a shooting are participating and will be charged with murder.

This puts an awful crimp into defending you in some court episode.  Maybe you were just helping some cousin get even with a neighbor by participating to a minor degree in some arson situation on a house....and someone dies during the ensuing fire.  If you get pointed out.....just by minor need a special lawyer and will be fighting murder charges.

This all comes up because of a Faulkner State college kid, who was participating in a home robbery in the Montgomery area.  Four college gentlemen....all from the Christian-themed university....decided to rob some house.  The owner figured out what was going on.....pulled a gun while they were in the house, and shot one of the fine young gentlemen dead.  The remaining three guys?  All will apparently be charged with murder.

You can imagine the shock on their faces.  None carried a gun.  None had even a knife on them least the news media suggests that.  The prosecutor decided to apply the full law upon them.

If convicted?  I'm not sure that any of the three would get more than ten years in prison.  The court might come to agree on the conviction but not see any reason to throw a massive book at them.

How many folks in Bama know the law?  I'd take a guess that less than three-percent of the population is aware of how the law can be applied.  For some, it'd be a massive shock to know that they might do something to help a friend or neighbor....and end up with some murder charge because things went wrong.

Travel by Air?

Air travel is something that I generally dislike these days.  Between the hours spent in airports waiting on the plane, the cramped conditions within the planes, the lousy meals, the frustrating problems that can occur, and TSA.....I'm fairly negative.

This week, one of the big news outlets came up and said that TSA had done a review over the idea of denying you all carry-on luggage.  They won't say why this was necessary, or if there is some new terrorist threat which might have some angle on this topic.  The conclusion, it was not necessary....end point.

If you go around to people who travel by air and ask happy they are with TSA and the whole airline travel game.....the general answer is 'marginal'.  A handful of people have actually given up and now simply travel by train or car.  The news media won't guess the numbers, but I'd take a guess that short-distance travelers (the folks flying from Nashville to Chicago for example)....have dropped by one percent.

This brings me around to the idea of what it'd take to convince the public that there is too much security, too much hassle, and too many frustrations to occasionally travel by air.

If the airlines stood up and can carry your jacket and a purse you board....would you draw the line?

If the airlines stood up and said on all 90-minute or less drinks, period....would you draw the line?

If TSA stood up and said no laptops can be carried onto the plane....would you draw the line?

If the TSA folks stood up and said they wanted you to have three forms of ID to get through the initial security area....would you draw the line?

If TSA and the airlines came to say you needed to be at the airport three hours prior to the get through the baggage turn-in and security requirements.....would you draw the line?

I doubt if anyone sits there and thinks about where their limit might be, and just how they'd react to something that changes your entire life.  Between the airlines and TSA....could they do something so drastic that ten-percent of America drew the line and just said 'adios' to air travel?  Before 9-11, I would have laughed over that suggestion.  Today?  I'd say it's very possible over the next decade that we will reach some mythical point where people say enough and refuse air travel.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

When Ethics Don't Matter

I noticed this story out there today....from Keane University, New Jersey.

The university was updating and renovating it's conference room....the big one where the management staff would gather to make talk over things.

They eventually came to decide on a nifty table for the highly-windowed room....round in scope, and very dynamic, with what appears to be TV monitors built into the table (probably for briefing purposes and tied to some laptop).

They paid for the table and chairs....$219,000.

Yeah, it's a hefty amount.

Here's the curious thing.  It's made in China.  Someone wrote up the spec's and it's probably bundeled in a dozen boxes to be assembled by some crew Jersey City who get paid $12 an hour for such work.
If the desk had been made in the US?  I used to buy modular desks for a Pentagon organization, and I can tell you that this type deal would have easily run $350,000 for material, delivery and installation.  So, maybe it's a good deal in one way.

All of this has hyped up folks in New Jersey and asking questions about the ethics of spending there via the college management crowd.   Keane charges $11,244 per year for tuition, which in my book....makes it a reasonably priced college when compared against most four-year public colleges.  But you have to wonder.....if someone actually stood there from the state legislature and monitored monthly spending and what the university actually renovated or bought.....the average tuition ought to be more around $8,000.

As for some kind of ethics class for the university management folks?  Forget about that....they'd just laugh it off.

But I would think at least a hundred university staff groups are looking at the impressive pictures....gazing over the million-dollar-type conference table, and thinking they've got a special place in their university for that type of renovation.  

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The 'Straight' Daryl

I'm an enthusiast of AMC's Walking Dead (the zombie TV show).  Toward the end of their first season.....I caught an episode and became kinda interested in the scripting to the show.  So I went back....caught the whole season, and generally regard it as a well written science fiction piece.  I's pretty hokey, but it tends to lay out a creative scenario.

For a number of weeks, there's been this by the producers that their key character....Daryl.....the loner....might be portrayed in future episodes as possibly gay.  I don't know where the idea came from, or why it really mattered.  There's not much sex stuff ever portrayed on Walking Dead, and you tend to worry about ninety-nine other higher priorities (food, fuel, safety, zombie attacks, evil governor characters, ample supply of bullets, clean water, home-cooked food, a safe place, etc).

Yesterday, I noticed in the news that the producers came out and basically said that Daryl was one-hundred percent straight, and that a new character would be brought on within a couple of episodes.....who would be absolutely gay.  Rhyme or reason?  None given.

Frankly, if we came down to some zombie period in real life.....your life style or personal desires would rate pretty far near the bottom, and it's hard for me to envision the necessity of doing something like this.....except to get another segment of the audience all thrilled by individual episodes.  Will one gay Walking Dead character bump into another gay Walking Dead character?  Will some bondage freak appear in future Walking Dead episodes?  Will Texas cross-dresser appear in an episode or two?  Will some Bill Crosby-type character appear in an episode and pass some spiked mixed drink over to some survivor gal?

TV back in the 1980s was pretty simple and uncomplicated.  Any idiot could have written a Magnum P.I. episode in about an hour, with some mysterious gal in need of help, and some fist-fight toward the end....would result in Magnum solving a third-rate mystery while keeping Higgins at arm's length from figuring out who Robin Masters really was.  Today?  There has to be six different twists to each single episode, at least one gay character, some dark humor, and some complicated story-line that takes six episodes to explain a two-line mystery.    At least on the positive side here.....Daryl is still Daryl....the guy you'd call at 2AM to ask for some enormous help and know that he'll move heaven and earth.

Monday, 1 December 2014

The Phantom Army

The quick nature in Iraq of ISIS suddenly moving south and taking over a big chunk of Iraq.....has been largely unexplained in the news media circles.  Everyone basically gave a free ticket to ISIS and just said they had superior capabilities, and left it at that.

This week, it's come out that an investigative arm of Iraq has been looking at one single in uniform.....Iraqi Army troops.

They've reached this conclusion....they think 50,000 troops that are on the payroll.....getting $600 a month as pay.....are non-existent.

Yeah, it's a bit hard to believe.

If you sit down and examine the pay, the training, the uniforms, the barracks, and various aspects of the military pay'd need roughly $350 million to cover everything.  But what they say is that various officers were in the middle of this scheme....pretending they had some many troops under them.....but were just skimming off the top.  An extra ten troops here ($6,000 a month) extra forty troops there ($24,000).....and you got yourself a decent house, a new Mercedes, and a good lifestyle.

The hope'd never have to go into battle without your forty men.  You can imagine this phantom unit in existence.....on the books with 400 troops.  But as you walked around the barracks and just never saw more than 200 troops.  No one said much.....and why would you worry?  Unless of course, ISIS came knocking.

The thing that bothers me is that the US was also paying out training funds, and they likely used the same books.  So when the Pentagon said they'd trained the whole 114th Brigade of 400 men.....the odds are that they only trained half that many, and still paid a full rate for the other 200 non-existent men.  The bullets and weapons handed out?  Hard to say.  Maybe they still exist but I doubt it.

The logic on how ISIS moved so fast across Iraq?  Well.....they just weren't that good.  They met Iraqi military units that were undermanned and unable to sustain a decent defense.  Nothing more than that.

Will anyone go to jail?  I doubt it.  Should they pay the money back?  Well, it'd be the right thing to do but the money is already spent.

Years and decades from now.....history will be written over the vast offensive that the ISIS folks mounted in Iraq in 2013.  The whole story will be centered around a non-existent Iraqi army.  And the public will simply not believe that such a thing could happen.  

The Two-Americas Essay

The New York Times wrote up a piece entitled "When Whites Just Don't Get It".....which is mostly about something they refer to as 'white privilege' and two Americas.  Their emphasis is that we just don't recognize this dilemma and fix/solve it.  They even suggest some 9/11 or Warren-type commission that would highlight the problem.

I suspect a number of journalists are pepped up on caffeine and dreaming of that one short week they spent in Amsterdam where everyone seems to live in peace and harmony.

So, here's the blunt truth.  Go to South Africa and just tour around the include the various suburbs, and take note of the security compounds, armed guards at malls, and methods of confrontation that cops tend to have there.  Then go to Rio and tour their note the various secure neighborhoods, armed private security, and gangs at work.  It's the same thing at work in the US.

Take four Senators out in some car....around 10PM....into DC's southeast side of town.  It's a brief ride from the Senate building to the bridge separating Anacosta from the federal portion of DC....maybe three minutes.  After you cross the river, you need to prepare yourself.  You could take a federal interstate and skip Anacosta, but in this case.....we want the four Senators to see the real side of DC.  So, they ride through some pretty rough neighborhoods.  You don't want to stop, or you might be robbed right there on the street.  In the 1990s......four hundred folks were killed per year on the streets of DC, an area of six by six miles.  On any given night, you can figure that thirty percent of the population is doped up on something.

Make the rounds of Memphis, Birmingham, St Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Dayton, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Richmond.

Two years ago, my work associate who lived in Richmond described to me an event that'd occurred over the weekend.  Some young gal from his church had gotten all dressed up for dancing at some local club.  She bumped some doped-up gal, who took offense to this.  Some confrontation escalates. The other gal was an older gal and doped-up.  At some point, the physical stuff results in the wig flying off the older gal, and she goes nuts.  She kills the younger gal with a knife.  Cops come.  Older gal goes off.  Never knew the court stuff to the story, but you can figure she'll do life in prison....over some drug-induced lifestyle which is 'hip' stuff in Richmond.

Across the US, you see the same deal in various urban areas.  There's hardly a single US city of 100,000 people that doesn't have a danger zone or neighborhood where you just don't travel at night.

Fixing this?  The drug culture has taken over.  Attached to is the thug culture, the welfare check culture, the free federal money culture, the manipulation by politics culture, and the waiting-for-something-to-happen culture.

Minority folks who do escape?  There's basically two methods.  First, you get an education and find real work, and untie yourself from the old neighborhood....thus moving on.  Second, you join the military and find yourself challenged to accept change.  A handful of folks might get religion and get to a new level of life.  Beyond that....nothing happens.

The mere suggestion of some federal commission coming to some solution, with twenty-five points is ridiculous.  It'd all involve massive funding....probably to the tune of three-hundred billion dollars.  Just flush the money out and watch everyone get their program, with some middle-men acting as community organizers and talking about some upcoming change....just spend the money over five years and everyone standing there to ask when "change" was going to come.  Yeah, it's kinda like the President's theme from six years ago.....that "change" business was something that folks could latch onto.  If you wait long enough......"change" will finally come.'s the sad thing.  "Change" can't be bought, publicly funded by the taxpayer, or written into some report by a white-skinned PhD character from Harvard.  "Change" cannot be defined in some thirteen-thousand page document, or some sixty-minute CBS special, or by history revisionists of Time/Newsweek's staff.  "Change" can't be solved by fancy speeches, political theatrics, or tax-free foundations who seem to talk out of both sides of their mouth.

The two Americas theme?  It's here to stay. When you get to Birmingham's outer ring, don't stop or pull off the interstate until you get to the next county.  When you drive into Detroit, stay on the interstate until you've gotten into the rural areas.  When you get to Atlanta.....just stay on the interstate and exit only when you clear the city urban zone.  Every major urban area in America is concreted down into some zone that you'd best avoid.

And here's the cherry on this cake.  Latino minority numbers are increasing.  Within a decade, Latinos will be the real minority of America. Two Americas?  Just try to imagine three Americas.  The coming New York Times article in a decade?  "Whites and blacks just don't get it".....detailing how Latinos are now part of the mess that needs to be solved.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Explaining the Illogical Nature of Climate Science

There are various sciences in the world.  Which of these sciences, is settled and suppose to be without peer review?

acarology, the study of mites
aceology, the study of therapeutics
acology study of medical remedies
acoustics, the science of sound
adenology, the study of glands
aedoeology, the science of generative organs
aerobiology, the study of airborne organisms
aerodonetics, the science or study of gliding
aerodynamics, the study of dynamics of gases
aerolithology, the study of aerolites or meteorites
aerology, the study of the atmosphere
aeronautics, the study of navigation through air or space
aerostatics, the science of air pressure
agriology, the comparative study of primitive peoples
agrobiology, the study of plant nutrition
agrology, the study of agricultural soils
agronomics, the study of productivity of land
agrostology, the science or study of grasses
alethiology, the study of truth
algedonics, the science of pleasure and pain
algology, the study of algae
anaesthesiology, the study of anesthetics
anagraphy, the science of constructing catalogs
anatomy, the study of the structure of the body
andragogy, the science of teaching adults
anemology, the study of winds
angiology, the study of blood flow and lymphatic system
anthropobiology, the study of human biology
anthropology, the study of human cultures
aphnology, the science of wealth
apiology, the study of bees
arachnology, the study of spiders
archaeology, the study of human material remains
archelogy,  the study of first principles
archology, the science of the origins of government
arctophily, the study of teddy bears
areology, the study of Mars
aretaics, the science of virtue
aristology, the science or art of dining
arthrology, the study of joints
astacology, the science of crayfish
astheniology, the study of diseases of weakening and aging
astrogeology, the study of extraterrestrial geology
astrology, the study of influence of stars on people (questionable but apparently a study)
astrometeorology, the study of effect of stars on climate
astronomy, the study of celestial bodies
astrophysics, the study of behavior of interstellar matter
astroseismology, the study of star oscillations
atmology, the science of aqueous vapor
audiology, the study of hearing
autecology, the study of ecology of one species
autology, the scientific study of oneself
auxology, the science of growth
avionics, the science of electronic devices for aircraft
axiology,  the science of the ultimate nature of values
bacteriology, the study of bacteria
balneology,  the science of the therapeutic use of baths
barodynamics, the science of the support and mechanics of bridges
barology, the study of gravitation
batology, the study of brambles
bibliology, the study of books
bibliotics, the study of documents to determine authenticity
bioecology, the study of interaction of life in the environment biology study of life
biometrics, the study of biological measurement
bionomics, the study of organisms interacting in their environments
botany, the study of plants
bromatology, the study of food
brontology, the scientific study of thunder
bryology, the study of mosses and liverworts
cacogenics, the study of racial degeneration
caliology, the study of bird's nests
calorifics, the study of heat
cambistry, the science of international exchange campanology the art of bell ringing
carcinology, the study of crabs and other crustaceans
cardiology, the study of the heart
caricology, the study of sedges
carpology, the study of fruit
cartography, the science of making maps and globes
cartophily the hobby of collecting cigarette cards
castrametation, the art of designing a camp
catacoustics, science of echoes or reflected sounds
catalactics, the science of commercial exchange
catechectics, the study of teaching by question and answer
cetology, the study of whales and dolphins
chalcography, the science of engraving on copper or brass
chalcotriptics, the study of taking rubbings from ornamental brasses
chaology, the study of chaos or chaos theory
characterology, the study of development of character
chemistry, the study of properties of substances
chirocosmetics, the beautifying the hands; art of manicure
chirography, the study of handwriting or penmanship
chirology, the study of the hands chiropody medical science of feet
chorology, the science of the geographic description of anything
chrematistics, the study of wealth; political economy
chronobiology, the study of biological rhythms
chrysology, the study of precious metals
ciselure, the study of chasing metal
climatology, study of climate
clinology, the study of aging or individual decline after maturity
codicology, the study of manuscripts
coleopterology, the study of beetles and weevils
cometology, the study of comets
conchology, the study of shells
coprology, the study of pornography
cosmetology, the study of cosmetics
cosmology, the study of the universe
craniology, the study of the skull
criminology, the study of crime
cryobiology, the study of life under cold conditions
cryptology, the study of codes
cryptozoology, the study of animals for whose existence there is no conclusive proof
ctetology, the study of the inheritance of acquired characteristics
cynology, scientific study of dogs
cytology, the study of living cells
dactyliology, the study of rings
dactylography, the study of fingerprints
dactylology, the study of sign language
deltiology, the collection and study of picture postcards
demology, the study of human behavior
demonology, the study of demons (questionable, but in the book)
dendrochronology, the study of tree rings
dendrology, the study of trees
deontology, the theory or study of moral obligation
dermatoglyphics, the study of skin patterns and fingerprints
dermatology, the study of skin
desmology, the study of ligaments
diabology, the study of devils
diagraphics, the study of making diagrams or drawings
dialectology, the study of dialects
dioptrics, the study of light refraction
diplomatics, the science of deciphering ancient writings and texts
diplomatology, the study of diplomats
docimology, the study of assaying
dosiology,  the study of doses
dramaturgy, the study of producing and staging dramatic works
dysgenics, the study of racial degeneration
dysteleology, the study of purposeless organs
ecclesiology, the study of church affairs
eccrinology, the study of excretion ecology study of environment
economics, the study of material wealth
edaphology, the study of soils
Egyptology, the study of ancient Egypt
ekistics, the study of human settlement
electrochemistry, the study of relations between electricity and chemicals
electrology, the study of electricity
electrostatics, the study of static electricity
embryology, the study of embryos
emetology, the study of vomiting
emmenology, the study of menstruation
endemiology, the study of local diseases
endocrinology, the study of glands
enigmatology, the study of enigmas
entomology, the study of insects
entozoology, the science of parasites that live inside larger organisms
enzymology, the study of enzymes
ephebiatrics, the branch of medicine dealing with adolescence
epidemiology, the study of diseases
epileptology, the study of epilepsy
epistemology, the study of grounds of knowledge
eremology, the study of deserts
ergology, the study of effects of work on humans
ergonomics, the study of people at work
escapology, the study of freeing oneself from constraints
eschatology study of death; final matters
ethnogeny, the study of origins of races or ethnic groups
ethnology, the study of cultures
ethnomethodology, the study of everyday communication
ethnomusicology, the study of comparative musical systems
ethology, the study of natural or biological character
ethonomics, the study of economic and ethical principles of a society
etiology, the science of causes; especially of disease
etymology, the study of origins of words
euthenics, the science concerned with improving living conditions
exobiology, the study of extraterrestrial life
floristry, the study of cultivating and selling flowers
fluviology, the study of watercourses
folkloristics, the study of folklore and fables
futurology, the study of the future (a questionable study)
garbology, the study of garbage
gastroenterology, the study of stomach; intestines
gastronomy, the study of fine dining
gemmology, the study of gems and jewels
genealogy, the study of descent of families
genesiology, the study of reproduction and heredity
genethlialogy, the study of horoscopes (questionable study)
geochemistry, the study of chemistry of the earth's crust
geochronology, the study of measuring geological time
geogeny, the science of the formation of the earth's crust
geogony, the study of formation of the earth
geography, the study of surface of the earth and its inhabitants
geology, the study of earth's crust
geomorphogeny, the study of the origins of land forms
geoponics, the study of agriculture
geotechnics, the study of increasing habitability of the earth
geratology, the study of decadence and decay
gerocomy, the study of old age
gerontology, the study of the elderly
gigantology, the study of giants
glaciology, the study of ice ages and glaciation
glossology, the study of language
glyptography, the study of engraving on gems
glyptology, the study of gem engravings
gnomonics, the art of measuring time using sundials
gnosiology, the study of knowledge; philosophy of knowledge
gnotobiology, the study of life in germ-free conditions
graminology, the study of grasses
grammatology, the study of systems of writing
graphemics, the study of systems of representing speech in writing
graphology, the study of handwriting
gromatics, the science of surveying
gynaecology, the study of women’s physiology
gyrostatics, the study of rotating bodies
haemataulics, the study of movement of blood through blood vessels
hagiology, the study of saints (questionable study)
halieutics study of fishing
hamartiology, the study of sin (questionable study)
harmonics study of musical acoustics
hedonics, the study of ethics or psychology dealing with pleasure
helcology, the study of ulcers
heliology, the science of the sun
helioseismology, the study of sun's interior by observing its surface oscillations
helminthology, the study of worms
hematology, the study of blood
heortology, the study of religious feasts (questionable study)
hepatology, the study of the liver
heraldry, the study of coats of arms
heresiology, the study of heresies
herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians
hierology, the science of sacred matters (questionable science)
hippiatrics study of diseases of horses
hippology, the study of horses
histology, the study of the tissues of organisms
histopathology, the study of changes in tissue due to disease
historiography, the study of writing history
historiology, the study of history
homiletics, the study of preaching (questionable study)
hoplology the study of weapons
horography, the art of constructing sundials or clocks
horology, the science of time measurement
horticulture, the science of gardening
hydrobiology, the study of aquatic organisms
hydrodynamics, the study of movement in liquids
hydrogeology, the study of ground water
hydrography, the study of investigating bodies of water
hydrokinetics, the study of motion of fluids
hydrology, the study of water resources
hydrometeorology, the study of atmospheric moisture
hydropathy, the study of treating diseases with water
hyetology, the science of rainfall
hygiastics, the science of health and hygiene
hygienics, the study of sanitation
hygiology, the study of cleanliness
hygrology, the study of humidity
hygrometry, the science of humidity
hymnography, the study of writing hymns
hymnology,the study of hymns
hypnology, the study of sleep; study of hypnosis
hypsography, the science of measuring heights
iamatology, the study of remedies
iatrology, the study of text on medical topics
ichnography, the art of drawing ground plans; a ground plan
ichnology, the science of fossilized footprints
ichthyology, the study of fish
iconography, the study of drawing symbols
iconology, the study of icons as symbols
ideogeny, the study of origins of ideas
ideology, the science of ideas
idiomology, the study of idiom, jargon or dialect
idiopsychology, the psychology of one's own mind
immunogenetics, the study of genetic characteristics of immunity
immunology, the study of immunity
immunopathology, the study of immunity to disease
insectology, the study of insects
irenology, the study of peace
iridology, the study of the iris; diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye
kalology, the study of beauty
karyology, the study of cell nuclei
kidology, the study of kidding kinematics study of motion
kinesics, the study of gestural communication
kinesiology, the study of human movement and posture
kinetics, the study of forces producing or changing motion
koniology, the study of atmospheric pollutants and dust
ktenology, the science of putting people to death
kymatology, the study of wave motion
labeorphily, the collection and study of beer bottle labels
larithmics, the study of population statistics
laryngology, the study of larynx
lepidopterology, the study of butterflies and moths
leprology, the study of leprosy
lexicology study of words and their meanings
lexigraphy, the study of definition of words
lichenology, the study of lichens
limacology study of slugs
limnobiology, the study of freshwater ecosystems
limnology, the study of bodies of fresh water
linguistics, the study of language
lithology, the study of rocks
liturgiology, the study of liturgical forms and church rituals (questionable study)
loimology, the study of plagues and epidemics
loxodromy, the study of sailing
magirics, the study of cookery
magnanerie, the study of raising silkworms
magnetics, the study of magnetism
malacology, the study of molluscs
malariology, the study of malaria
mammalogy study of mammals
manège, the study of horsemanship
Mariology, the study of the Virgin Mary (questionable science or study)
martyrology, the study of martyrs (questionable science or study)
mastology, the study of mammals
mathematics, the study of magnitude, number, and forms
mammalogy, the study of mammals
mechanics, the study of action of force on bodies
meconology study of or treatise concerning opium
melittology, the study of bees
mereology, the study of part-whole relationships
metallography, the study of the structure and constitution of metals
metallurgy, the study of alloying and treating metals
metaphysics, the study of principles of nature and thought
metapolitics, the study of politics in theory or abstract
metapsychology, the study of nature of the mind
meteoritics, the study of meteors meteorology study of weather
metrics, the study of versification
metrology, the science of weights and measures
microanatomy, the study of microscopic tissues
microbiology, the study of microscopic organisms
microclimatology, the study of local climates
micrology, the study or discussion of trivialities
micropalaeontology, the study of microscopic fossils
microphytology, the study of very small plant life
microscopy, the study of minute objects mineralogy study of minerals
molinology, the study of mills and milling
momilogy, the study of mummies
morphology, the study of forms and the development of structures
muscology,  the study of mosses
museology, the study of museums
musicology, the study of music
mycology, the study of fungus's
myology, the study of muscles
myrmecology, the study of ants
mythology study of myths, tales or fables
naology, the study of church or temple architecture
nasology, the study of the nose
nautics, the art of navigation
nematology, the study of nematodes
neonatology, the study of newborn babies
neossology, the study of nestling birds
nephology, the study of clouds
nephrology, the study of the kidneys
neurobiology, the study of anatomy of the nervous system
neurology, the study of nervous system
neuropsychology, the study of relation between brain and behavior
neurypnology, the study of hypnotism
neutrosophy, the study of the origin and nature of philosophical differences
nidology, the study of nests
nomology, the science of the laws; especially of the mind
noology, the science of the intellect
nosology, the study of diseases
nostology, the study of senility
numerology, the study of numbers
numismatics, the study of coins
nymphology, the study of nymphs (questionable study)
obstetrics, the study of midwifery
oceanography, the study of oceans
odology, the science of the hypothetical mystical force of od
odontology, the study of teeth
oenology, the study of wines
oikology, the science of housekeeping
olfactology, the study of the sense of smell
ombrology, the study of rain
oncology, the study of tumors
oneirology, the study of dreams
onomasiology, the study of nomenclature
onomastics, the study of proper names
ontology, the science of pure being; the nature of things
oology, the study of eggs
ophiology study of snakes
ophthalmology, the study of eye diseases optics study of light
optology, the study of sight
optometry, the science of examining the eyes
orchidology, the study of orchids
ornithology, the study of birds
orology, the study of mountains
orthoepy, the study of correct pronunciation
orthography, the study of spelling
orthopterology, the study of cockroaches
oryctology, the mineralogy or paleontology
osmics, the scientific study of smells
osmology, the study of smells and olfactory processes
osphresiology, the study of the sense of smell
osteology, the study of bones
otology, the study of the ear
otorhinolaryngology, the study of ear, nose and throat
paedology, the study of children
paedotrophy, the art of rearing children
paidonosology study of children's diseases; pediatrics
palaeoanthropology, the study of early humans
palaeobiology, the study of fossil plants and animals
palaeoclimatology, the study of ancient climates
palaeolimnology, the study of ancient fish
palaeolimnology, the study of ancient lakes
palaeontology study of fossils
palaeopedology, the study of early soils
paleobotany, the study of ancient plants
paleo-osteology, the study of ancient bones
palynology, the study of pollen
papyrology, the study of paper
parapsychology, the study of unexplained mental phenomena
parasitology, the study of parasites
paroemiology, the study of proverbs
parthenology, the study of virgins
pataphysics, the science of imaginary solutions
pathology, the study of disease
patrology, the study of early Christianity
pedagogics, the study of teaching
pedology, the study of soils
pelology, the study of mud
penology, the study of crime and punishment
periodontics, the study of gums
pestology, the science of pests
petrology, the study of rocks
pharmacognosy, the study of drugs of animal and plant origin
pharmacology, the study of drugs
pharology, the study of lighthouses
pharyngology, the study of the throat
phenology, the study of organisms as affected by climate
phenomenology, the study of phenomena
philematology, the study of kissing (questionable study)
philology study of ancient texts, revolving around historical linguistics
philosophy, the science of knowledge or wisdom
phoniatrics, the study and correction of speech defects
phonology, the study of speech sounds
photobiology, the study of effects of light on organisms
phraseology, the study of phrases
phrenology, the study of bumps on the head
phycology, the study of algae and seaweeds
physicsm the study of properties of matter and energy
physiology, the study of processes of life
phytology, the study of plants; botany
piscatology, the study of fishes
pisteology, the science or study of faith
planetology, the study of planets
plutology, the political economy; study of wealth
pneumatics, the study of mechanics of gases
podiatry, the study and treatment of disorders of the foot
podology, the study of the feet
polemology, the study of war
pomology, the study of fruit-growing
posology, the science of quantity or dosage
potamology, the study of rivers
praxeology, the study of practical or efficient activity
primatology, the study of primates
proctology, the study of the rectum
prosody, the study of versification
protistology, the study of protists
proxemics, the study of man’s need for personal space
psalligraphy, the science of paper-cutting to make pictures
psephology, the study of election results and voting trends
pseudology, the science of lying
pseudoptics, the study of optical illusions
psychobiology, the study of biology of the mind
psychogenetics, the study of mental states
psychognosy, the study of mentality, personality or character
psychology, the study of mind
psychopathology, the study of mental illness
psychophysics, the study of link between mental and physical processes
pteridology, the study of ferns
pterylology, the study of distribution of feathers on birds
pyretology, the study of fevers
pyrgology, the study of towers
pyroballogy, the study of artillery
pyrography, the study of woodburning
quinology, the study of quinine
raciology, the study of racial differences
radiology, the study of X-rays and their medical applications
reflexology, the study of reflexes
rhabdology, the knowledge or learning concerning divining rods (questionable)
rhabdology art of calculating using numbering rods
rheology, the science of the deformation or flow of matter
rheumatology, the study of rheumatism
rhinology, the study of the nose
rhochrematics, the science of inventory management and the movement of products
runology, the study of runes
sarcology, the study of fleshy parts of the body
satanology, the study of the devil (questionable)
scatology, the study of excrement or obscene literature
schematonics, the study of using gesture to express tones
sciagraphy, the art of shading
sedimentology, the study of sediment
seismology, the study of earthquakes
selenodesy, the study of the shape and features of the moon
selenology, the study of the moon semantics study of meaning
semantology, the science of meanings of words
semasiology, the study of meaning; semantics
semiology, the study of signs and signals
semiotics, the study of signs and symbols
serology, the study of serums
sexology study of sexual behavior
siderography, the study of engraving on steel
sigillography, the study of seals
significs, the science of meaning
silvics, the study of tree's life
sindonology, the study of the Shroud of Turin
Sinology study of China
sitology, the study of dietetics
sociobiology, the study of biological basis of human behavior
sociology, the study of society
somatology, the science of the properties of matter
sophiology science of ideas
soteriology, the study of theological salvation
spectrology, the study of ghosts
spectroscopy, the study of spectra
speleology, the study and exploration of caves
spermology, the study of seeds
sphagnology, the study of peat moss
sphragistics, the study of seals and signets
sphygmology, the study of the pulse
splanchnology, the study of the entrails or viscera
spongology, the study of sponges
stasiology, the study of political parties
statics, the study of bodies and forces in equilibrium
stemmatology, the study of relationships between texts
stoichiology, the science of elements of animal tissues
stomatology, the study of the mouth
storiology, the study of folk tales
stratigraphy, the study of geological layers or strata
stratography, the study of leading an army
stylometry, the studying literature by means of statistical analysis
suicidology, the study of suicide
symbology, the study of symbols
symptomatology, the study of symptoms of illness
synecology, the study of ecological communities
synectics, the study of processes of invention
syntax, the study of sentence structure
syphilology, the study of syphilis
systematology, the study of systems
taxidermy, the science of curing and stuffing animals
tectonics, the science of structure of objects, buildings and landforms
tegestology, the study and collecting of beer mats
teleology, the study of final causes
telmatology, the study of swamps
teratology, the study of monsters, freaks, abnormal growths or malformations
teuthology, the study of cephalopods
textology, the study of the production of texts
thalassography, the science of the sea
thanatology, the study of death and its customs
thaumatology, the study of miracles
theology, the study of religion
theriatrics, science of veterinary medicine
theriogenology, the study of animals' reproductive systems
thermodynamics, the study of relation of heat to motion
thermokinematics, the study of motion of heat
thermology, the study of heat
therology, the study of wild mammals
thremmatology, the science of breeding domestic animals and plants
threpsology, the science of nutrition
tidology, the science of tides
timbrology, the study of postage stamps
tocology, the study of obstetrics
tonetics, the study of pronunciation
topology, the study of places and their natural features
toponymics, the study of place-names
toreutics, the study of artistic work in metal
toxicology, the study of poisons
toxophily, the study of archery
traumatology, the study of wounds and their effects
tribology, the study of friction and wear between surfaces
trichology, the study of hair and its disorders
trophology, the study of nutrition
tsiganology, the study of gypsies
turnery, the science of turning in a lathe
typhlology, the study of blindness
typography, the study of printing or using type
typology, the study of types of things
ufology, the science or study of alien spacecraft
uranography, the science of descriptive astronomy and mapping
uranology, the study of the heavens
urbanology, the study of cities
urenology, the study of rust molds
urology, study of urine
venereology, the study of venereal disease
vermeology, the study of worms
vexillology, the study of flags
victimology, the study of victims
vinology, the science of vines and winemaking
virology, the study of viruses
vitrics, the science of glassy materials
vulcanology, the study of volcanoes
xylography, the science of engraving on wood
xylology, the science of wood
zenography, the study of the planet Jupiter
zoiatrics, the study of veterinary surgery
zooarchaeology, the science of animal remains of archaeological sites
zoochemistry, the study of  chemistry of animals
zoogeography, the study of geographic distribution of animals
zoogeology, the study of fossil animal remains
zoology, the study of animals
zoonomy, the science of animal physiology
zoonosology, the study of animal diseases
zoopathology, the science of animal diseases
zoophysics, the study of physics of animal bodies
zoophysiology, the science of physiology of animals
zoophytology, the study of plant-like animals
zoosemiotics, the science of animal communication
zootaxy, the science of classifying animals
zootechnics, the science of breeding animals
zygology, the science of joining and fastening
zymology, the science of fermentation
zymurgy, the science of brewing and distilling

The one science from this entire group that requires no skeptics, no peer review, and no further discussion?  Climatology or Climate Science (global warming, global cooling, climate change).

Don't ask why, because there's no scientific or logical explanation to this concept of skepticalism, no review, and no discussion.  That's the funny thing about this.  Just draw a group of 100 guys studying zymurgy (brewing and distilling) into a room, and watch for four hours as they debate the science and establish dozens of differences among the group.  Strange how climate scientists can reach a level where debate among themselves is forbidden.

Just something to think about.  One single science....different from the other six-hundred others.

(list drawn from, and modified)