Sunday, 23 February 2020

Joe and His Adventure

Joe Biden now says that back in the 1970s.....he went over as a US Senator to South Africa, and was arrested out on the streets of the country as he was traveling with the UN visit Nelson Mandela in a South African prison.

First, it would have happened after 3 January 1973.....when he became a Senator.

Second, no one else (even the UN ambassador) can remember Joe being arrested.

Third, if he had been arrested, it'd been a big event back with the Washington Post, and touted as a page-two type story. simply never got published.

What I think happened?  I think like most congressional boondoggles....he flew into South Africa, and went straight to a four-star hotel, where he laid out by the pool and consumed a vast amount of booze.  After five days of this, he came out of the booze period and asked his aide what happened, and the aide told him that he got detained at some point (failing to mention it was at the pool bar and mostly over some figure of speech used to insult the female bartender). 

The problem here.....Joe did a yearly boondoggle like this, and probably has thirty different stories to tell....mostly all aligned with heavy boozing at fancy hotels.  He probably also dined with Fidel Castro, played golf with Tony Noriega, and sipped whisky with the King of Spain.