Friday, 13 July 2018

This 'Hack'?

So, the simple facts....Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein came up today and announced that a dozen Russian intelligence officers were indicted by the Mueller team.  These dozen folks?  Members of the Russian GRU, or the intelligence-collection folks of Russia.

What they did?  They found some point to hack into the DNC Congressional Campaign committee server.

This led onto the DNC big server, and then the Hillary Clinton campaign server.

How did this all work?  You arrange one single email to flow in and it has an attachment.  You click the attachment, and then it says to the server that it's fine and ok for a 'friend' to be sharing out data.  Then the hacker can browse.  So they sat there and read.

Then if you follow Rod's suggestion....the GRU guys used an insider email and sent the same link-up email onto the DNC big server, and later onto the Hillary campaign server.

The odds that they did the same thing in 2012 and 2008?  Oh....well....yeah, it's best not to bring this up.  I'm sure the FBI-idiots don't want to admit that this might have occurred before.

So all the big strategy papers and internal gossip?  The Russians knew?  The passed-along questions that Hillary might have gotten before the debates?  Well, maybe the evil Russians got the passed-along questions, and passed them to evil-Trump.  Oh....yeah, they probably sat there grinning.

But now you might get around to an odd question....what kind of protection did the Hillary server, the Hillary campaign server, the DNC Congressional Campaign server, and the DNC big server have?  The likely answer?  I don't think the FBI guys or Rod would like to answer that. 

But let's get onto an interesting scenario.  Did the US, or our NSA....attempt to hack into Putin's network in 2011?   Oh, well....we would never do something like that...would we?

The dozen Russian guys? They are mostly laughing over the accusation.  Why do this....the day that Trump flies out to Helsinki to meet Putin?  Well, I'm guessing here that a IG probe will start up when Trump arrives back in DC, and asking Rod about the timing of this little episode.  Beyond that...this is an indictment that will just lay there.    The judge doesn't need to worry....there will never be court action.

And the Democrats?  Well, this is what they really have to worry about.  Out there, among thousands of emails....there's probably one or two fake e-mails with a second attachment to start up the next hand-shake situation.  So this will likely never end.  That's the amusing thing about this episode.  As much as the FBI will hint that they got their evil Russians....well, it might just go into round two or three.

NAKED GUN: 2018 Style

I sat this morning and watched about 40 minutes of the Congressional episode yesterday with FBI agent Peter Strzok. 

After you look back over the landscape, the basic story, and the are left with this image of some federal employee who is a fairly active at shagging some other federal employee, and spends a fair amount of time on text conversations with his fellow paramour.  I'd be guessing between one and two hours of every day was spent in text-chat....pretty nifty considering he's a government employee.

The problem is....normally, after something like this comes out (you being married and all), you end up going off (leaving the company or organization).  In Pete's case....he just lingers around.  He's lawyered up enough to figure you can't fire him.  He intends to stay around.  That means jokes being passed around behind his back, and marginal respect for the guy.  At some point, some FBI guy will say something that ticks Pete off and there's going to be some event to occur. 

Sessions?  He can't do much of anything.  He's stuck with a humper-dude....fixated on liaisons with the paramour. The House?  They don't seem able to do much either.  The President?  He's basically decided to make a reality show out of this, and feature the Humper and the paramour in some fake reality, which people will laugh over because they seem so serious while in the midst of a comedy routine.  In a way, it's the Trump production of Naked Gun with Leslie Nielsen.  As much as Pete appears serious....he's just playing Inspector Frank Drebin, with the hots for Jane Spencer (in this case, the paramour).