Friday, 13 March 2020

The Friend Dilemma

I noted over the weekend....someone did a survey and came to find that 97-percent of conservatives say it's possible for them to have liberal friends.  The same survey suggested that liberals did have a problem in finding a conservative friend....with the numbers up around forty-percent.

It's a curious dilemma.  Thirty years would not have mattered.  You'd shuffle into baseball or football with folks...repeated some scene you saw off of Barney Miller from the previous evening....then had a beer with several folks.  Political chatter would simply have not happened.

But all of this goes to an even bigger problem....having regular relationships. 

So what should you do, as a conservative?  You should go and admire liberal folks....even in the face of adversity and being bull-headed.

If they were chatty and willing to share a beer with should go the extra mile to talk on baseball, religion, tornado news, strange rashes you've had, your dog's health, the brakes failing on the truck, the condition of your yard, your favorite character from Lost, loves lost, WWE wrestling, and regular unimportant stuff. 

Tell them that you just lost all interest in politics.  I's all fake, but you have to understand....if they've chosen you as a 'bud''s a hard thing in the matter of statistics.

Ten Things I Think

1.  Jussie Smollett is going into a court episode, and likely to get a minimum of 90 days in some jail situation, and a hefty fine.  All of this will be wrapped up into a movie production for the fall of 2021. 

2.  A dozen US senators will have the Coronavirus by mid-summer, and at least three of them will not survive.  Senate hearings will be cancelled for an entire month, and MSNBC/Fox/CNN will be unable to get any Senator to appear in a studio situation for at least a month.

3.   The cruise ship industry will cease to operate by the end of June.  Some will restart in early 2021, but it'll take half of 2021 before operations get to a normal state of affairs.

4.  Joe Biden will be removed from contention by the end of the convention, with a 'sub' picked to run.  Most of the Bernie-crowd will be furious that the system won't allow him to stand as the 'sub'.

5.  New Pope by end of 2021, because of the Coronavirus.

6.  At least three Star Wars movies will be released by the end of 2022....all deemed as less-than-successful, and the the planning for more releases goes into a long delay period.

7.  More people will die from regular flu in America in 2020.....than the Coronavirus.

8.  Some idiot will pull a prank Coronavirus 'kiss' and the affected party will shoot them dead. 

9.  The delivery of the four-patty McDonalds Big-Mac will trigger massive health expert warnings and doomed health advice.

10.  One of the Trump 'kids' will stand as a candidate for Senator in the 2024 election, and win.