Sunday, 9 June 2019

Did Hillary Arrange The 'Deck' of Cards to Ensure Trump was the 'Intended' Loser?

I was sitting and reading through a group of commentaries this past week, and there was a listing of the things that led onto 'spy-gate' (the fake dossier, the fake Russian involvement, etc), and there's this odd thing that you tended to notice.  A number of people were already starting their 'contribution' to a fake Trump scandal situation already in the July to September period of 2015 (minimum of four months prior to the Iowa Caucus).  We aren't just talking about journalists....we are talking about White House folks, and Justice Department/FBI folks.

The question is....did Hillary, her advisers, the White House insiders....all sit there and devise this scheme that they would help to lead a particular loser-candidate (like Mitt or McCain) to the point of just humberly losing the election?

So you'd need a handful of talking-dog journalists who were pro-GOP, to hype Trump a bit more than most of the others.

Then you'd need certain state primaries to really be set to Trump to easily win (early on in the primary).

Then you'd ensure that all the fake GOP pretenders went full-scale anti-Trump at the Convention point.

Then you'd bring on all these scandal items on Trump, with the dossier in full view.

Trump would either fold up or lose in a massive when they talked over the last four weeks prior to the election and journalists suggested that Hillary had a 90-percent chance of winning.

Then the shock occurred.....the 'intended' loser didn't lose?   Yeah, that's the suggestion several folks have been making.  What really helps here is that various pieces and parts that relate back to the FISA request documents involved various people....not one, two or three.  The fact that Joe Biden might have known of the scheme?  Well, that's been openly discussed but there's no proof. 

The embarrassing thing about this scenario?  Hillary did everything possible to ensure that Trump was the intended loser like McCain or Mitt, but didn't really think much about the type of individual that Trump is, or just how angry the general public is with regular standard politics. 

If all of this were true, and this whole 'spy-gate' scandal started up in late 2015?  It just makes you wonder about the quality of character for people working in the White House or supporting the Justice Department, and just how screwed-up they've become.