Thursday, 13 December 2018

My Description of the View

Back around 2010, I had a 'snow-day'....meaning it was bad enough on weather, that everyone stayed home.  So for the first time (and last time), I sat and watched the View in its entirety.  It's an ABC-produced show.....mostly designed for women.  The theme, as I figured out in ten to have four female moderators and a 'chat'. 

A slanted chat?  Well....yeah, it's geared seem like an open chat, but the political method here is to have one single voice from a conservative view, opposed by three on the other side.   

A necessity to drive toward mostly a political the midst of the morning, and repeat this each and every day?  Yeah.

Around a year after that, the topic came up in conversation in the vault that I worked, and a guy who'd watched a couple of the shows noted the nearest comparable show....WWE-wrestling.  I laughed in the very beginning.

He pointed's all chatter like some WWE-wrestler would make, to get the audience hyped up.  Occasionally, some of the wrestlers are 'let-go' or sent off, and new fresh faces are brought keep the crowd all hyped up.  The chatter is all scripted, and leads onto fresh new chatter the next day (which is the same dynamic of WWE-wrestling).

He was basically right.

I know that women who watch the View will get all frustrated and angry over the description....but if you task them watch WWE for about a month.....they will eventually come to agree....they run a theatrical operation closely pattern after the wrestling world.  And you have to wonder....if they realize it.