Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Breakfast Talk

When you go to kinda have to meet them halfway on the breakfast menu.

So, as you look at this poster at the local pub of the breakfast might note the sausage (extra large), the bacon, the two eggs over easy, the toast below the eggs, and.....the mushrooms.


Some places even went a step more....offering a baked tomato as well.

The grease content?  Well....that sausage is the maximum extent possible.

The alternate deal?  You could ask for cereal or oatmeal.  Or you could walk two doors down to the donut shop and get some Krispy Kreme options.  Yeah....that's about it.

The coffee?  Aussies don't expect much on you end up with one-star coffee.

A Sign of Warning

On my travels through Hong Kong, I stood there admiring a particular sign on the street.

Basically, it's a city warning sign.....a cop can ticket and prosecute you....without any warning.....if you were waiting.  It could be a minute of could be 8 seconds of doesn't matter.

Generally, I'd be a bit scared of city driving there.  A cop could nicely tap on my window, and suddenly for some stopping phase of five seconds.....I'd be called into court and prosecuted for something.