Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Who Sends An Email to Themselves?

This is an odd piece of news and you just sit and ponder over it.

Toward the last day of employment with the US government, Susan Rice (a big-wig under President Obama) sends herself an email.  It basically covers a meeting at the White House, from 15 days prior.  The emphasis of this email to herself?  President Obama tells her to do everything...."by the book".

So you sit and think over it.

From the day I was introduced to 'email' (around 1992) to today....I've never sent an email to myself.  I've sent emails from one account (like a government account) to my personal account.  But I've never sent an email to myself. 

Typically, if you were at a meeting and needed to remember things would go and write a memo (a Word-document), and print/save it for later.  I've probably written over one thousand of these type of documents. 

But to write this and then emphasize that you need to do things "by the book"?  Who writes something like this?

Someone commented about this silly email today, and that the phrase "by the book" is mentioned three times in the email.  Then they mentioned up that this is a movie phrase....uttered by Captain Kirk when dealing with Kahn.  Kirk tells the boys back in the 'whatever'....."by the book".  Kirk says this in the way that truly means that he's lying, and they need to grasp that he's lying (he's in trouble).

Typically, Kirk is always thinking three steps ahead of the bad guys (not like the wussy Picard who is thinking just two steps of the bad guys). 

So when Rice utters this three times in her email ("by the book") she sending a distress call to the future, and suggesting that she's lying, and in serious trouble? 

The problem with all of this chatter....trekkie-chat....Obamagate-chat....fake-news-chat?  You reach a point where you have three doors in front of you and have to deal with three groups of people.

The first group are gas-huffers (yep, those idiots) who have huffed enough gas to get light-headed and seem to be living and breathing in some fake world....uttering Captain Kirk or Captain Pike phrases on a routine basis.  They seem to know all the Federation regulations, the F-keys on keyboards, recite poetry by Dylan Thomas, and have imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt's ghost. 

The second group are fake intellectual types who want to impress you with their vast degree situation, but after ten kinda figure out that their degree business was mostly a fraud and you are dealing with an idiot who could barely run a public library desk. 

Then finally, you come to the third group....who seem to lay out more and more questions, which can't seem to be answered.  In this group, there always seems to be some dude named 'Grenell' in the far back of the room grinning, and seems ready to lay a bit of information on the bring you some factual reality.  You like this route, but's making you more distrustful of life. 

My advice....on sending an email to yourself?  Just write it on a yellow-sticky, and post it to the car-mirror.  Be brief....three lines....and don't worry about grammar.  And please don't utter....."by the book".  Otherwise, I'm going to think you are in trouble, and I'm bringing Seven-of-Nine with me to save your ass. 

Searching for a Cure for TDS (Trump-Derangement-Syndrome)

Since the election of 2016, numerous individuals have gone and identified themselves with the TDS disease.  With all the hype going on about the Covid-19/Coronavirus's obvious that no one is making much of an effort to rid the world of TDS. 

Some folks are suggesting that come January of 2025....TDS will officially come to an end. 

However, there is this problem that around 2032....that troublesome Donald Trump Jr might wander onto the stage and lay down his cards to play the game.  Another round of TDS to our lifetime?  Well....maybe.

And here's the one curious thing....that Baron 'kid' forty-odd years, he might appear at the doorway, and give us yet another dose or two of TDS.  Three doses of TDS (24 years) over the next fifty-odd years?  We need to start searching for a cure to help these poor folks who are afflicted.