Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Why Hillary Doesn't Sell Well

There are five things that generally come up in the average mind of an American with Hillary.

1.  If you had some prioritized list of traits and transparency is at the top......she does lousy and simply doesn't care.  It's proven over and over....she fakes you out with "oh, that was a mistake" or "you know those Republicans".  The problem is....if you have an independent voter standing there and looking for positive character attributes.....her transparency is a virtual zero.

2.  On debate skills.....one to ten....she's a marginal four.  Bill Clinton was a nine to ten on debate skills.  When you compare the two.....you know that she's got limits in debate and isn't that sharp to go knock the opponent while dueling in the middle of a debate.  She's got a message and simply sticks to the message.

3.  When you go and look around her support staff.....they are fiercely loyal.....to the point that they probably won't tell her that she's screwed up and needs to pause and reset the clock.  Having that many 'yes-people' around you.....doesn't help your message or get you popular feelings with the public.

4.  The Clinton Foundation thing is a gimmick.  Just about everyone who reads up on it....realizes that it's a money-maker and asset machine to hide currency and cash.  If there were ever a time to dissolve a foundation....it's now.  But she's not bold enough or courageous enough to part with the foundation.

5.  Four years were spent in the State Department.....what exactly was noteworthy and remembered by the public?  Nothing.  On day one at the State Department, you should have had ten things lined up and made as goals to get people to remember you and your bold actions.  Instead.....no one can recite a single accomplishment over four years, other than you ran your own email server.  It speaks volumes over your decisive nature, your brilliance, and your vision for the nation.

Weaker candidates have run for President, and weaker individuals have actually served as President.  But if you were running against five hefty Republicans with four-star credentials......you need some "beef" in your stew, and she lacks that.