Sunday, 17 May 2020

The More You Think About It

The problem with the whole 'evil' Russia story via CNN....with a minimum of a thousand hours laid out over the past three years, is that it reads like a 1,200 page poorly written novel from some weeded-out guy on a two-week drinking binge while at a Galveston resort.

Add to it.....over and over, CNN seems to find experts or authority figures, who seem to suggest that KGB insiders are surrounding the whole Trump campaign, the Republican Senators in DC, and even members of the Fox news staff.

Here's the thing....if any of this were true, the last thing on Earth that you'd want to do is open up voting to be purely mail-in, and allow all the evilness to ensure the Trump - Biden election in November.....goes to Trump.

Explaining The House Proxy Voting Deal

Basically, the House last week passed legislation and rule-changes.  One of the rules involves proxy-voting.

So you are of party 'X', and you can sign your vote to a proxy-chief. This means that you can go and sit at home, go fishing, or hang out with some loose women (or men, if that's your style).....while someone holds your vote and can vote for you.

Now, it brings up interesting scenarios.

Imagine the idiot holding your proxy voting going off and doing something real stupid.  Then this stupid stuff gets back to your folks in the district, and they ask you to explain this. can't say much.  You were the fool who signed the vote over.

But lets move on.....suppose that this was a regular thing.  Suppose that for 70 House members.....they just go and stay out of DC for seven months out of each year....letting the proxy holder sit there and run things.  Why bother even having the House could go and repair cars, or do ranch work for the most part.

What if four guys stood up among the Democrats and each got ten folks to proxy their votes over, and then they started to challenge Nancy Pelosi, and refuse to vote along her way unless they get favors accomplished?

Challenges to proxy voting?  I'm guessing someone will try to flip this to the court system, and make a big deal out of this.  The sad thing is that you end up paying some idiot and his staff a fair amount of money, and at the end of the day.....they aren't working in some productive way.  It just begs questions. 

Upon the Shores of False Hope

We, as a culture (Americans) are defined by this identity of 'false hope' carriers.

When the Mayflower arrived in 1620, they were arriving upon a shore with an enormous amount of false hope.  Within weeks, they came to understand that false hope wasn't enough, and that survival skills would be required.

Over the next hundred years....more arrived in the 'new world' with false hope.  The new world was supposed to be an enchanted land with a new start promised to virtually everyone.  The reality was.....on the moment arriving upon the shore, your false hope angle wasn't going to be enough.

Our political system operates on false hope.  You attach yourself to one party, in search of a belief.  Months and years go by, and you come to grasp that the party was a false hope situation.

The news media?  They operate under a premise of a false hope.....that they've got a strong belief in something, then weeks into that story.....they might realize it's just not much of a story, and their angle is that of convincing you that a false hope is better than reality.

Ministers, bankers, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, and even Hollywood enthusiasts all operate under the premise of false hope.  Lets face it....Green Lantern, John Carter, and Pluto Nash were all expensive movies built on false hope....because they just weren't that great.

Farmers live in a bubble of false hope....believing that this might be the big 'breakout' year for such-and-such crop, and by the end of harvest.....they face a very average and limited reality.  But year after year, they return for more false hope.

People running for President often talk about false hope, and dish out a hundred 'promises'.  You like this false hope, and figure they will deliver.  Four years later, you kinda realize that nothing much was achieved.

False hope having more value than no-hope?  That's the reality of this world.  We need something to believe in, or it's gets pretty depressing.