Friday, 15 March 2019

App Story

While it's not front-page news, you might have noticed this week that Facebook had two top executives leave (the chief products officer, and the WhatsApp chief).  A big deal?  Well, it's an indicator of direction.

A fair number of folks believe that Facebook has finally hit some peak, and it's now suffering from declining numbers.

If you go around Germany for example....WhatsApp is probably more acceptable by the general public, than Facebook itself. 

The original promise by the WhatsApp folks....that they'd never label advertisements across their App?  Well....Facebook fully intends to bring advertisements to the App (probably occurring before the end of 2019)

What I suspect will happen over 2019?  Someone (outside of Facebook) will go and make a new App very similar in range to WhatsApp.....with no advertising, for a download cost of 1-dollar, and maybe fifty cents per year to have the service.  At that point, the new guy will take up the frustrated folks with WhatsApp, and Facebook will be standing there, with a boat-anchor-App that has no public appeal.  These two executives quitting, probably told Zuckerberg that and he just couldn't accept the demise of WhatsApp. 

Youth Vote Story

It came up this week with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Cal) who talked up this idea for bringing the voting age down to sixteen years old. 

The odds of this happening? chance.  In the California state election?  I might predict within four years that it'll be written into the state constitution.  There might be five or six states that go this way over the next decade.

My general view, if you qualified the sixteen-year-old to vote, then why not allow them the chance to buy cigarettes, beer, booze, rifles, etc?  Why not allow the sixteen-year-old to 'test-out' of high school and leave by the end of the 10th grade? 

Personally, I'd rather go the opposite direction and say adult status starts at age 21, limiting the voting situation a bit more.

But with all this chatter, and the odds of having 1.5-million teenage voters in a California election.....are you creating a nightmare somewhere down the line?  Imagine the scenario where some fake beach-bum character comes out of nowhere....registers himself to run for governor, and with this mass appeal to sixteen to twenty end up with some Hollywood character as governor of the state.  For the over-forty crowd, it'd scare the crap out of them. 

So prepare for the introduction of youth voting and it's consequences.