Tuesday, 15 October 2019

DNA Story

If you up a Pacific map, gazing at the northern coast of Australia....there above it are these islands....literally thousands of them, from Papa New Guinea to Tonga.  This region is referred to as 'Melansia'...which mostly means in the local terms....land of the black people (generally describing the darker color of the tribal groups).

So there's theory of how they came to be there, and the idea revolves around African people who somehow sailed eastward, across the Indian Ocean area, and later into this tropical paradise.  Time frame?  40,000 to 100,000 years ago. 

Some people suggest that if you go past the 12,900 year frame, the water levels were 300 feet less than they are today, and most of the islands existed as a land mass, rather than a island mass.

So why bring up this topic?

On my DNA business from two years ago, there's two groups at the bottom of the scale, which are a .1-percent each situation for me. 

One group was the Melansia group, and the other an Indian-Pakistan group.  So, you are start looking at 100,000 years ago, and ponder upon the idea that some ancestor didn't walk out of Africa....he probably floated out in something....making his way to what was India, and part of his group continued on....heading to Melansia, and the other main group settled in India.  And at some point, they migrated westward into Russia and the Nordic lands. 

It's an interesting travel story, and you have to wonder how well the guy planned for the trip, or if this were one of those 'lets see where this path leads us' situations.