Thursday, 31 January 2019

999 Possible Socialisms

Since going into retirement in 2013, I've spent an awful of time looking at various topics, and then pondering upon the definitions and realities of these items.  One topic which I seem to go back to almost where some college kid has gotten his 'big' lecture on socialism, and the 'gravy-train' that accompanies socialism.

I sat and watched some discussion where a 20-year old wanted to talk about Swedish socialism and how things worked there.  But about two minutes into the conversation, I came to realize that he's really never been in Sweden, the Nordic countries, or Europe for that matter.  A couple of months ago, I watched some discussion where Spanish socialism got mentioned but it was again someone who has never been there.  In each case....they had a professor make an impact statement upon them.....but there is no real factual evidence that the professor himself has ever been in one of these socialist countries.

So what are the various Socialisms?  There's Karl Marx Socialism.  Friedrich Engels Socialism.  Oscar Wilde Socialism.  Albert Einstein Socialism.  Norway Socialism.  Sweden Socialism. Finland Socialism.  German Socialism.  DDR (old East German) Socialism.  Nelson Mandela Socialism.  Canadian Socialism.  Icelandic Socialism.  Vietnam (1960s-1970s) Socialism.  Vietnam (1990 to now) Socialism.  North Korean Socialism.  Che Guevara Socialism.  Benito Mussolini Socialism.  Hitler Socialism.  Lenin Socialism.  Stalin Socialism.  Chavez-Maduro Socialism.  British Socialism. 

You could spend an entire afternoon going over the 999 types of socialism that exist.  The basic idea is that everything would be fair, balanced, and divided upon up among 'equals'.  You would live in some utopia where everyone got a piece of the pie. 

The best example that people tend to use? Norwegian Socialism.  Few ever mention with the discussion that Norway has a ton of oil and natural gas.....which leads to a major flow of capital into the national treasury.  When that oil and gas money runs out?  There will be an eventual downward trend, and the Norwegian utopia environment will eventually disappear. 

Can you have Socialism without the utopia 'dream'?  This is the key question which would draw a dozen folks to sit in a pub....drink excessive amounts of alcohol....and come to no real rational conclusion. 

Looking at Lifetstyles

At some point over the next decade, I expect around 10,000 Americans (male and female) to have enough plastic surgery done to their self-identify as Klingons, Romulans, or Vulcans.  So will start a self-identify campaign to be able to note on their license, or their status in another species.  We will laugh about the effort, but there will be significant numbers to trigger some kind of public stance in support of the additional species.  The odd thing here.....they are all imaginary groups, and have no logical position in reality. 

So months will pass, as the logical folks among us (myself included) will basically deny that you can identify in some official sense as Klingons or Vulcans.  Some 'experts' will begin to appear on CBS and NPR, to speak to the idea that you can change and become whatever you desire.  It'll reach some stage where the self-identified Romulans have a national parade, a weekend of Romulan lust, and perhaps even get into Romanian-style politics. 

The problem with this is that some end-game ought to occur, where people wake up from this fantasy lifestyle, and maneuver back to some logical mind, but it WON'T occur.

Is there any limit to this illusion in life?  No.

You can already see people maneuvering around with fictional series....fictional religions....and even fictional lifestyles. 

In some ways, we are seeking to find entertainment, and escape our discontent.  This