Monday, 24 September 2018


Folks appear all hyped up to get Congress involved to mandate or manage leg-room on air flights.  I sat kinda amazed that you needed to have the least capable people in the world.....brought in to fix something....especially leg-room.

The simple fix to this deal is to go and make them list the ticket for sale, and exactly how much room you get in chair 9B or 11A.  Yes, you let folks know that you can buy a ticket for 30 inches of legroom between Chicago and Philly....for $155, or you can buy 28 inches of legroom for $140.  Yep, up tell folks this.  In fact, you could offer up some 'leaning-seat' where you stand for the entire flight, for $100, and I would imagine that you'd get twenty people on each plane who'd be willing to buy a standing ticket for a flight.

Getting Congress involved?  The last thing on Earth you'd want to get them to manage this solution for you.